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This site currently has and ad that reads "Before You Download - run a FREE scan for hidden Windows errors" which links to site reimageplus dot com.  That site currently has an "Unsatisfactory" (yellow) rating at;

That causes me a little concern, even tho i trust the author and tools on this site.

I was wondering if Shane would care to comment.

- A Happy User

2 Support & Help / windows repair AIO - registry backup
« on: March 11, 2013, 11:04:18 am »
I'm trying to understand the registry backup that is within window repair AIO.  [this is a gr8 program--i donated.]  Where are the files kept?  I installed this on a usb drive and used it on 2 different computers.  It see files in
Code: [Select] - Windows Repair\files\regfilesthat appears to be organized by Windows OS version (XP Vista 7 8) but i only ran it on XP and all the others are populated, even 8.
I also see a dir
Code: [Select] - Windows Repair\files\system_restore with a similar structure.

So i'm wondering,
  • Can i use this on multiple computers, even if i have to manually rename directories?
  • Does it maintain several backups over time, or just one?  If just one, perhaps i can rename dirs to get multiple?

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