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Everything Else / New Computer Recommendation?
« on: January 10, 2014, 10:16:13 am »
Current computer  Dell Dimension 8300   Desktop

   Any hints or recommendations as to merits of a newer model/computer?
I do some graphic work,  cards, etc.  Play  games  through Pogo Big Fish. Also photography and writing projects  and  also some accounting stuff.   Mostly  use for social connections and groups and research.  Might do more if the computer could do more.

 Hubby has same computer..he does more with autosketch and  design work.......also Facebook and photo sharing
what should we be looking for as far as speed and capabilities?

Windows XP
 Firefox 26
Dell Dimension 8300 (yep, old)
user..yep old
Charter  IP
modem, wireless

 A few weeks ago this same problem occurred  then got better. Not sure if I fixed it or what happened.  Problem is back and worse.
 Firefox will load, AOL, my homepage, will not load..or only eventually loads  text, no graphics.
 Facebook will not load
Cannot connect to AOL mail
 Weather sites, etc. No Load  loads a bit but not fully. This site fine
Control results
 cleared cache, cleaned up everything I know to clean, ran antimalware , ran tweaking repair, chkdsk,  updated all.   
 reboot, swore, luck
 Hubby  has same computer, runs firefox,  uses charter for mail.  He can access some sites but not facebook, and weather etc.
 Charter installed new modem a week ago. System was fast and fine... but now this
 No reset button on modem
 My samsung galaxy 2  will access AOL mail  most of the time...some new mail does not load  and part of facebook but no graphics. 
I did have an unmountable bootvolume  issue that I more problems with that.
 It is time for new computers but  I want to get this figured out..can't access any sites to comparison shop !
Any ideas???  I am not savvy in terminology  so please talk down to me.
Many thanks

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