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General Computer Support / Internet Help DHCP Error
« on: July 14, 2015, 10:48:45 pm »
So for the last 10 months every now and then my internet would refuse to let us use the internet due to a DHCP error.

I currently have an Arris combo that our ISP (WOW) sent us, but I have it in bridged mode and I am using an Asus RT-AC56R router.

Now this problem isn't common, just completely out of the blue everyone disconnects, we get the yellow exclamation mark, and this error pops up. (The attachment)

Resetting the computers, Routers, Modems, anything of any combination has helped none, and the problem might be how I have my router configured or the ISP messing something up.

This occurred with my last provider who was Time Warner as well.

Here is part of the log from the Asus.

Jul 15 00:24:53 rc_service: ntp 670:notify_rc restart_upnp
Jul 15 00:24:53 miniupnpd[667]: received signal 15, good-bye
Jul 15 00:24:54 miniupnpd[687]: HTTP listening on port 54168
Jul 15 00:24:54 miniupnpd[687]: Listening for NAT-PMP traffic on port 5351
Jul 15 00:24:54 rc_service: ntp 670:notify_rc restart_diskmon
Jul 15 00:24:56 disk monitor: be idle
Jul 15 00:25:22 crond[565]: time disparity of 281065 minutes detected
Jul 15 00:26:20 rc_service: rc 852:notify_rc restart_wrs
Jul 15 00:59:15 WAN Connection: Ethernet link up.
Jul 15 00:59:15 rc_service: wanduck 543:notify_rc restart_wan_if 0
Jul 15 00:59:16 kernel: Attempt to kill tasklet from interrupt
Jul 15 00:59:22 WAN Connection: Ethernet link up.
Jul 15 00:59:22 rc_service: wanduck 543:notify_rc restart_wan_if 0
Jul 15 00:59:23 kernel: Attempt to kill tasklet from interrupt
Jul 15 00:59:30 WAN Connection: ISP's DHCP did not function properly.
Jul 15 00:59:57 ntp: start NTP update
Jul 15 01:17:18 rc_service: httpd 563:notify_rc reboot
Jul 15 01:17:19 kernel: Attempt to kill tasklet from interrupt
Jul 15 01:17:20 iTunes: daemon is stoped
Jul 15 01:17:20 FTP Server: daemon is stoped
Jul 15 01:17:20 Samba Server: smb daemon is stoped
Jul 15 01:17:20 kernel: gro disabled
Jul 15 01:17:20 Timemachine: daemon is stoped
Jul 15 01:17:20 WEBDAV Server: daemon is stoped

General Computer Support / 2 Major Problems (ICSI Netalyzr)
« on: April 26, 2015, 11:20:23 pm »
As per usual random crap happens to my internet out of the blue with my internet, Woke up to my sister saying the internet is broke, for some reason the entire router settings reset, the modem/router that Time Warner had wasn't in bridge mode anymore. It was a mess to deal with at 6am.

After re-setting the internet up, naturally problems. Browser opens slowly, anything internet related is pretty bleh. Nothing major, but after troubleshooting everything else, I tested my router with the analyzer here is the result.

Summary of Noteworthy Events + –
Major Abnormalities –

    We received unexpected and possibly dangerous results when looking up important names
    Your DNS resolver returns IP addresses for names that do not exist

Address-based Tests + –
NAT detection (?): NAT Detected +
Local Network Interfaces (?): OK +
DNS-based host information (?): OK +
NAT support for Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) (?): Yes +
Reachability Tests + –
TCP connectivity (?): OK +
UDP connectivity (?): OK +
Traceroute (?): OK +
Path MTU (?): OK +
Hidden Proxy Detection (?): OK +
Network Access Link Properties + –
Network performance (?): Latency: 38 ms, Loss: 0.0% +
TCP connection setup latency (?): 47ms +
Background measurement of network health (?): no transient outages +
Network bandwidth (?): Upload 5.5 Mbit/s, Download 12 Mbit/s +
Network buffer measurements (?): Uplink 380 ms, Downlink is good +
HTTP Tests + –
Address-based HTTP proxy detection (?): OK +
Content-based HTTP proxy detection (?): OK +
HTTP proxy detection via malformed requests (?): OK +
Filetype-based filtering (?): OK +
HTTP caching behavior (?): OK +
JavaScript-based tests (?): OK +
Sensitive proxy-introduced HTTP headers (?): OK +
DNS Tests + –
Restricted domain DNS lookup (?): OK +
Unrestricted domain DNS lookup (?): OK +
DNS resolver address (?): OK +
DNS resolver properties (?): Lookup latency 150 ms +
Internal Server Error on Test Report
DNS glue policy (?): OK +
DNS resolver port randomization (?): OK +
DNS lookups of popular domains (?): Warning –

One popular name has a significant anomaly. The ownership suggested by the reverse name lookup does not match our understanding of the original name. This could be caused by an error somewhere in the domain information, deliberate blocking or redirection of a site using DNS, or it could be that your ISP's DNS Server is acting as a DNS "Man-in-the-Middle".

We attempted to download HTTP content from the IP addresses that your ISP's DNS server returned to you for these names. Where the download succeeded, you can click on the IP address in the table below to download a compressed file containing an HTTP session transcript.

Note! The session content is potentially harmful to your computer when viewed in a browser, so use caution when examining it.
Name    IP Address    Reverse Name/SOA    SOA:
100 of 100 popular names were resolved successfully. Show all names.
40 popular names have a mild anomaly. The ownership suggested by the reverse name lookup does not match our understanding of the original name. The most likely cause is the site's use of a Content Delivery Network. Show all names.
4 popular names have a mild anomaly: we are unable to find a reverse name associated with the IP address provided by your ISP's DNS server. This is most likely due to a slow responding DNS server or misconfiguration on the part of the domain owner. Show all names.
DNS external proxy (?): OK +
DNS results wildcarding (?): Warning –

Your ISP's DNS server returns IP addresses even for domain names which should not resolve. Instead of an error, the DNS server returns an address of, which does not resolve. You can inspect the resulting HTML content here.

There are several possible explanations for this behavior. The most likely cause is that the ISP is attempting to profit from customer's typos by presenting advertisements in response to bad requests, but it could also be due to an error or misconfiguration in the DNS server.

The big problem with this behavior is that it can potentially break any network application which relies on DNS properly returning an error when a name does not exist.

The following lists your DNS server's behavior in more detail.

    www.{random}.com is mapped to
    www.{random}.org is mapped to
    fubar.{random}.com is correctly reported as an error. [sic] is mapped to
    nxdomain.{random} is correctly reported as an error.

DNS-level redirection of specific sites (?): OK +
Direct probing of DNS roots (?): OK +
IPv6 Tests + –
DNS support for IPv6 (?): OK +
IPv4, IPv6, and your web browser (?): No IPv6 support +
IPv6 connectivity (?): No IPv6 support +
Network Security Protocols + –
DNSSEC Support from the DNS Roots (?): OK +
Host Properties + –
System clock accuracy (?): OK +
Browser properties (?): OK +
Uploaded data (?): OK

Any idea what I can do to fix this?

Basically. I have my Laptop, that can't get speeds to 50mbps, and always gets about 10-15mbps on 50mbps internet.

I am wireless, and literally on the other side of the wall where the router is, plugging it in warrants 54 download, all other devices in my house on the 2.4 and 5.0 internet receive max speeds even my older Vaio in my room.

I have already gone and reinstalled my wireless drivers, tried a speedtest in safemode with no improvement, I can't see how it would be the router considering everyone else is fine.

I really don't want to believe it is the wireless adapter itself, considering Lenovo has a diagnostic hardware software that I had run a few times now saying its fine. The laptop has been given great care, and well. Wireless cards don't just up and die, I wouldn't think.

I don't have anything specific, and couldn't really find anything specific but the wireless card is a Lenovo Thinkpad 1x1 11b/g/n Wireless LAN PCI Express Half Mini Card Adapter (Made by Realtek) Drivers are dated to 2014

I am hoping we can find out what is wrong, Maybe my Router has a grudge against my laptop or something, I have no real idea. But I am a gamer and ping flaring up, slow downloads for steam, and streaming is just. Sigh.. Sometimes it reaches 30mbps but wireless it hasn't gone to 50 ever.

We already called TWC, and I have gone through the router page to find anything out of the ordinary (Following ASUS support and manual)

Please have a magical cure.

Edit- It is midnight and I am the only one online. I turned on the Asus QoS, and I get 43mbps, I am now lead to believe it might be my router, but question why everyone else reaches max speed still when everyones using the internet except me.

Also I know this is about computers so I don't know if router stuff counts or not :/

Everything Else / How well do Windows 7 drivers work on Windows 8.1?
« on: January 19, 2015, 11:49:38 pm »
Upgrading one of my laptops to 8.1 from 7.

Problem is, Intel sucks hella at legacy drivers, and refuses to update the 1st Generation HD Graphics i3 Core drivers to 8.1.. or to a more usable state in general.

Anywho, From what I understand a 64bit Windows 7 driver can be installed on Windows 8.1 64bit without issues, my question being, will the driver actually operate the same, or will it be working a bit faulty or slower, lacking things I don't know. (Low spec gamer here)

Obviously, I won't be using whatever stock junk Microsoft Update throws at me, and unfortunately Lenovo has barebones support for 8.1

If needed Ill stick to 7, but honestly I prefer 8.1

General Computer Support / Computer -Randomly- Freezes -Solved-
« on: November 21, 2014, 02:11:47 pm »
Hey long time no see, I have yet to have a problem not solved from this forum.

Anywho, Last post I made here was about my HDD and I was told my HDD was dieing and that it might be the cause of why my laptop would randomly freeze up. Made sense to me.

Just this past June I got a brand spankin new HDD, a WD 500gb 7200rpm.

As of right now, I still had occasionally freezes, I thought it only happened when things got overloaded or from heat, I have not been able to ever replicate the freeze, or find whats causing it, sometimes it happens while idle on the desktop, sometimes it happens when playing a game, watching a movie, etc. The laptop isn't always hot when it happens.

Anyway the past 2 days I have had a freeze 3 times, and its getting a bit old, and I don't know whats going on, I checked event viewer and it showed some critical errors followed by some warnings, I went ahead and attached them since I can't make much use of its information.

Now before its suggested I have in the past done disk checks, hard drive checks, SFC scans, etc. I have Bitdefender Pro, and Malwarebytes, and both claim I am clean so thats not it. I repeatably check my HDD health and no errors.

My hardware isn't getting any Yellow Exclamation marks in the device manager, and my drivers are up to date as far as I am aware. When the laptop freezes the fans are also no longer running, Just saying, and sometimes it will play a loud obnoxious tone til I turn it off.

Another thing I have done is unplug it, take the battery out and press the power button a few times. I haven't done any tweaking to my Window 7 OS outside of turning off a couple services that won't be used.

Does anyone know the answer? And sorry this was so long.

General Computer Support / Bluescreen Stop Error 0000F4
« on: April 11, 2014, 04:29:24 pm »
Alright lets cut to the quick because Ima gonna send this laptop skyhigh if I don't solve this.


Okay so this is what happens you ready?

When doing an HDD intensive task, like moving an 8gb file from an external hard drive or installing an os. This HDD starts making weird noises and an occasional beep.

Oddly the mouse cursor still moves but the windows stop functioning and say. I open the start menu it stays up. Close a window it stays close. Ctrl-Alt-del doesn't work nothing does.

Taking off the bottom panel (while its running)
I confirmed the weird noises come from the HDD and my fan stopped running for some reason. (Its always running when the OS is running fine)

This is on windows 7. After 2 days of trying to install it without the install freezing while copying files.

I did a clean reinstall of course. And I know it isn't hardware because the Linux Mint partition runs like a champion.

Now keep in mind the "cause" for this when I say its when the HDD gets to doing something intensive like moving large files, I use it as a hunch. I haven't been able to replicate this, however after letting it sit I got the above error from a blue screen. And didn't get much else.

Someone wanna give me that solution I will feel foolish for forgetting about?

General Computer Support / FN + F1-F12 Hotkeys not working WIN7
« on: March 27, 2014, 05:57:59 am »
So basically on my fresh install of Windows 7 on my ThinkPad Edge 15 (0319-46U)

The hoykeys aren't working for controlling anything with my FN + F1 - F12 Such as the volume and brightness.

I got the driver for it I believe from lenovo's site It was labeled
"Hotkey Features Integration for Windows 8 (32-bit, 64-bit), 7 (32-bit, 64-bit), Vista (32-bit, 64-bit), XP and 2000 - ThinkPad ... Learn more"

Which is normally what I needed last install. However on my previous Win7 install it randomly stopped working but didn't care too much since I was planning this fresh install anyway.

As it turns out the problem is still here and I am not quite sure why.

I already scanned with MalwareBytes Pro
I updated the computer (Carefully to ensure I didn't get outdated Windows Update drivers) All successfully.
I enabled the "Human Interface Device Access" option in services which wasn't running.

And probably other random stuff I tried. The onscreen display of these, like if I manually adjust the volume, it shows the bar in the middle of my screen moving so I know the Lenovo driver I installed is working.

On my other Vaio laptop everything like this worked right away even without drivers so I don't really know whats up.

Any ideas?


I also forgot to mention that since I use FN + F1-F12 or whatever to do stuff I also can't use it in my games anymore where FN + F7 would normally display my framerate it no longer works.

Don't know if thats useful or not >.<

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