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Computer Help / Slow Computer after fresh install[Fix]
« on: July 03, 2016, 05:58:36 AM »

My computer is running very slow at times and for unknown reason.After a fatal error that prevented my computer from booting up I was forced to reinstall the system.Downloaded and created a Windows XP SP3 bootable USB and reinstalled.Then I notice my speed and I said yo myself that my windows setup was corrupt and reinstalled it again using a different source.Results were the same.Then I ran utilities to boost its performance but even after that , simple programs would lag during minimizing.

For instance , how could posibly a simple program like Notepad lag and crash or programs like cmd to never get milisecond 00 right(Used to do well before )?!Apart from this some websites are malufunctioning and all page gets black for that respective period  of time(Yahoo;Youtube HTML5 player).From that point I had it up.

One more problem is that the system recovers very slow after RAM straining proceses.I hosted a local server on a game , I was the sole player ingame and still lagged like hell although I was the host.After closing the game ,RAM would go from 99% to 30% in in graphs but windows will lag indefinetly till restart.

[Installed Programs]
VLC-Player,Gboost,Driver Boost 3.3,Microsoft Office 2007,Mozilla Firefox,WinRar,Daemon Tools,GreenShot,Core Temp

[Tools Used]
Uniblue Powersuite 2016 ; System Repair All-in-one ; Junkware Removal Tool ; Avast Antivirus ; RKill ; RogueKiller ; Kaspersky TDSSKiller ; AdwCleaner ; CC Cleaner Pro ; Hitman Pro

In BIOS i tweaked the setting as much as I could and avoided CPU Overclock

Note:The tools did detect some problems and fixed them but they were not related to the PC Speed Performance , still slow laggin and crashin.Also all software was used individually then uninstalled to prevent any conflicts and RAM memory waste.

[Known Issues]
Battery nearly depleted(18 min on 100%) ;

AC Adapter Charges irregularly(will either not charge or not be regonized by the system(BIOS says unknown adapter) and keep the battery at the same power level),I must manually tweak it into certain positions to charge.The AC Adapter did undergo some repairs as at some point some wires were actually riped apart and were re-binded together.More Explicit below

                             [Performance]     |    [Battery]     | [BIOS adapter readings]
[Unplugged]       -  |Laggy(MIN)        | discharging    |              <none>
[Loose Plugged] -  |Laggy(MED)       | not charging  |          <unknown>
[Well Plugged]    -  |Good (MAX)       | charging        |                 90w

After Reinstalling windows , on attempt to acces computer SafeMode or perform a scheduled chkdsk scan(chkdsk /f in Command Prompt) , laptop will crash and get BSOD,reason still unknown.

Despite of those issues , that somehow seemed to have transfered to the new installaition , the performance isn't the same although all i did is installing basic drvers and ocasional utilty software(Office,Greenshot,Gboost).Any advice regarding software issues would be of help.As for the hardware issues they would be dealt in the near future.

[Additional Info]

User Submitted Tweaks & Guides / Corrupted Recycle Bin [Fix]
« on: April 01, 2016, 02:25:18 AM »
Made this Batch.Pls check and see if it works well.Open with notepad if you are suspucious to viruses and for Debug

Password :

Problem : Undeletable File within Recycle Bin

What the batch does?
1.Detect all local drives(A-Z) based on the existence of "driverletter/RECYCLER"
2.Claim ownership over the Folder Tree if driverletter/RECYCLER" exists
3.Deletes all filles within Recycle Bin
4.Report the local drives which had the filles within recycle bin deleted

1.The windows will create de folder again within the local drive automatically or when another file is deleted from the respective drive
2.May require restart to change icon of the Recycle Bin(Full to Empty)
3.Running it twice would display a fake log cuz windows may recreate the folders automatically and the program does(see What the batch does?)
4.Wont affect Removable Media(USB,CD,DVD),not sure about external HDD so remove it before use

Computer Help / Several Computer Problems[Solved]
« on: April 01, 2016, 01:44:34 AM »
Sorry for posting so many problems at once but i tryed to solvr them on my on and ended up bunching them toghether

1. Slow Windows Explorer - Windows Explorer starts slowly,showing the "Please Wait" cursor when hovering it to taskbar.The registry entry at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE >> Software >> Microsoft >> Windows NT >> CurrentVersion >> WinLogon[Shell] is explorer.exe so something else is the issue.Only porgrams running at startup are GreenShot(nrly 45 Mb of memory usage) and Free Alarm Clock(7 MB memory usage).

2. GPU drops dramatically whlie Gaming, online or offline.What it happens is that at some point,any game ill play,demanding low or high resources,will overload my processor(about 97-100%),the sound would flicker and the frames would drop dramatically.Honestly this one is odd as I don't know what may have cause it.If you wonder if it is a hardware confict well its not.This problem occured recently and none of the drivers undertook any updates/upgrades within that period of time.

Note : I only post when the problems I have can't be solved by all the programs in the Software List.All that software is updated to it latest version

System Specifications

Software LIST

Uniblue Powersuite
Malware Anti-Malware Bytes
Advanced System Care
CC Cleaner Pro
Hitman PRO
Microsoft Boot Vis
Adware Cleaner
Rogue Killer
Junkware Removal Tool

Computer Help / Lag / Ping of Death while offline Gaming
« on: November 09, 2015, 12:47:14 AM »
This problem has occured to me several times and keeps coming back from time to time while gaming either online or offline.I get a huuuuge delay like in the image below(i divided it by red | so it can be read more easily ).

Dont't ask.Its a real number,not fake and really goes off the chart.I noticed it only late because my hole laptop was at halt.Luckly i had this opened and look what it found.OMG!

I identifyed to problems that might cause it:

Loose power plug
Hardware Confilct
Software Conflict

Arguments for my above statements:

Loose PowerPlug - i set my laptop to have high brightness while power plug is plugged on and low brightness while its plugged of.I notice sometimes my screen turns darker and brighter and this might cause it.Also i tryed gaming without power plug and the delays are much more frequent and everything happens in slow motion than happen while

Hardware conflict - i notice that a usb port goes on and off very often.This happens from time to time and i dont know why.If you suggest one usb device cable is loose it is wrong because only my mouse is plugged and never had single cursor freeze from it.Might be an internal usb port with a loose cable plugged.For this i will uplod additional data should it be required.

Software Conflict - well,this is partial true.Sometimes sound would fliker while gaming but the fliker would stop if i turn off wireless triver.So my suspicion is that and hardware conflict might also be involved

Looking forward to a reply.

Computer Help / Router Wireless Slow Speed
« on: October 20, 2015, 02:50:20 PM »
I bought this new tenda wirelees N300 home router,model f300 and i have to say the speed is really slow,devices connected to it drop from time to time and lag is on a daily basis.I use the router at my student hostel and for certain there are other routers working on the same storey,about 20 or more.We have only 3 devices connected to our router but we use it only for online videos and gaming.OS differs on each device:Windows XP,Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Have to mention  i have the same router home and hardly ever had lagspikes(owing to router) or drops.I know i can tweak around and give up wireless for wired connection as it is way faster but i want to know how could i possibly improve wireless router connetion.Below ill post some images to get an better preview of the problem:

CMD > Ipconfig /all

Tenda Router Settings
Internet Settings
Bandwidth Control
Wireless Repeater
System Tools

Wireless Connection Utility

Wireless Driver Properties

I have a really strange problem occuring these days and that of a sound flickering while gaming.This problem comes with also periodical short screen freezes and than short fastward similar to a lagging,but this was an offline standalone game of about 50mb.I measured the latency while playing an game and the problem occured,from about 200-300 whhich is quite normal it drastically increased to about 600.000.Everything normal while not gaming or watching videos.Image with the issue attached.

What did I used to attempt solve it out with no succes:

Uniblue Powersuite
Junkware Removal Tool
CC Cleaner
Hitman Pro
IExplore(terminate malware proceses)
RogueKiller Repair all in one
MalwareBytes Anti-Malware
Fresh Install Sound Drivers with UptoDate Drivers provided by Manufacturer

Computer Help / Re: Computer Slow Boot Up[Solved]
« on: June 19, 2015, 05:08:12 AM »
I don know what to say about this,coumputer boots up slowly,in about a min.Don't know the reason why it act like that .I disabled most off the programs that start at startup through msconfig utility and reduced Boot.ini timeout to 3 sec but it boots up in a minute or so.During that period the window is blank.I have no antivirus so i believe this is something about services or an adware my programs might havev missed.The reason i have no AV,if you might ask,its because it hinders speed,which i need as my device isnt a professional gamming ,more of a notebook ,so i have to do what i can do to compensate.

I applied any tweak i know for this and use many softwares but the time is still set,wont take less than a minute.

Programs Used: CCleaner,Uniblue Powesuite,Advanced System Care,Adwcleaner,Rogue Killer,Junkware Removal Tool,Hitman Pro,Malware Anti-Malware,IExplore,

Computer Help / Windows Xp - Blank Welcome Screen
« on: March 29, 2015, 08:47:13 AM »
Something really odd occured on my windows xp.For some reason ,it won't show any users on welcome screen.I've manage to get around it by using Alt+Ctrl+Del+Del,typed my user and password then immediately set my computer to autologon on my user by WinKey+R,control userpasswords 2,unthicked User must press Alt+Ctrl+Del and entered my account info.

Still the problem wasn't solved at all.If a re-enable the welcome screen,the event will repeat.Any user or logon domain i attempted to create turned into "ghosts".User and Groups i made were made but my PC cant see them for some reason

1.I read many posts online and suggested system restore.The problem is Windows XP disk cleanup !!! Deletes !!! all restore points.
2.Some suggested i have registry problems.I backed up my registry after i Installed Windows,Drivers and basic Programs.Tried restoring the registry,no luck.
3.Some suggeste my SAM was corrupt and needed replacement,unfourtunatrly i would like to avoid this method since it will delete all my user data and i have a program linked to it and i have ti purchase it again if i do so
4.Even F8 -> Last Known Good Configuration ,get me a BSOD(Blue Screen of Death),but the rest of the modes worked,except for the welcome screen

The Problem - No users

The Problem - Users and Local Groups do exist !!! User dondon,Shadow,WarCry,localgroup Users2 and UserN were just attempts to solve the problem.It just added more registry entries :(

Programs ihave used and tried to fix the problem,including - Windows Repair (All in One)

Yet i one software gave me somthing strange

If possible,i would like to provide a solution within the next update or why not in this forum.I would rather not re-install my OS,reset SAM or anything that will affect any user accounts.And if at all possible,make a boot cd for - Windows Repair (All in One),saved me a lot of trouble while on OS and would fiind it very usefull to fix the problems that prevent actual booting of OS.

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