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General Computer Support / >Net Framework (so far)
« on: April 20, 2015, 06:56:04 AM »
Heeeelp! Used Tweaking repair tool yesterday. It repaired 37 problems but did more damage than good. Ten years of Windows updates were erased along with Special Pack 1. Been trying to reconstitute it but it is tough slogging given Microsoft no longer supports some portions of Windows 7. Two files were replaced (80070643 and 800701103) that allows some updates to install. But then two other missing files caused problems: KB976732-.exe and KB 976732-x64.exe. No luck here since .net Frame is affected. Attempts to repair Network using Tweak all in one tool didn't work and neither did Microsoft. The windows installer seems alright.
There is an added wrinkle: cannot download .zip and .scm files. Zip extension cause the screen to rapidly jump and down. Looks like the computer is having a heart attack. Until this problem is solved cannot download remaining updates. When that is achieved more problems in update will probably surface. At ,my wit's end trying to put out all these brushfires, so to speak. Using Windows 7 2003).

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