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i always get yelled at bcuz i dont do furums rght, cuz i cannot go ahead and et it over with!

i ran tweaking 2 nights ago, i did it the right way...steps 1-until my computer went dead.  i then did a system restart and it could not start, tried to do its own start way.  the files are still on the hdd but i cannot access them

i tried to do a systm restore from safemode and it said that all of my resore points had been erased

so i tried the same in com promt..same message

i have the original disc that i loaded from, put that in and   nothing

i am on another comp

the specs for the dead one:

asus gaming
windows 7 ultimate  64b
updated drivers
nividea 342.1
all updates b security only

any help woul be greatly appreciated

oh yes btw i am running the pro version, updated to 3.9.5.... the last one that you updated before 7/11/17


General Computer Support / what is man in th middle attack
« on: June 14, 2016, 01:07:04 PM »

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this could only happen to me! maybe i should just give up on computers!

o/s win 7 ult 32b

m/s sec ess


ccleaner pro

malwbytes anti rootkit



tweaking tool pro

okay this just happened the other day. when i run malwarebytes, it goes to prescam mode, then starts over, and over and over. will not complete scan. when i try to scan a file with sec ess it says that scan cannot be run

and the best part is i got a phone call from an unknown number, but they knew my name and asked for me. when i refused to take the call, they hung up.

i googled the number and got several hits on a dial-up svc  the number is 1-712-380-1004.

any help would be greatly appreciated. i am afraid that someone is using my bandwidth

oh and btw the updated tweaking tool did download, and took my pro key!!  thank ya'll sooo much . i really hate to type and an not very good at reading instructions, then performing the actions that are suggested.

that is why i called m/s so that they could take over my p/c and i could watch...and learn of course.

believe it or not i am very capable with p/c repair, and am not afraid of regedit with instruction.

but i think that this has infitrated my network, and that is WAYYY beyond what i feel capable of doing.

after m/s worked on my desktop, all of my libraries were sent to an indian server. i just happened to find the site and got them recovered

docs, 1000's of pics, videos.  needless to say they are all on a thumbdrive now

so if ya'll are willing, i am here, for awhile until i have to feed horses.


3 Support & Help / new tweaking version will not download
« on: June 01, 2016, 03:00:09 PM »
i am new to posting in forums so please overlook any mistakes i might make.
i have tried to download the new version, with cookies enabled, from both sites and am now in safemode, but it will not download. should i continue with repair?
my pc is so messed up, i really do not even know where to start.

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