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Feedback & Suggestions / Article "Should I Turn Off My Computer"
« on: August 07, 2017, 05:07:38 AM »
Why I recommend my customers leave their computer on. If the computer is turned off when does:

scheduled defrag ever run?
A/V definitions update?
Adode Reader update?
Flash update?
Windows update?
Printers update?
hdwr vendor  updates run?
Backups run?
other long list of tasks MS puts in task scheduler run?

I am a MSP provider, I keep my customers computers running well all the time by doing these and other maint task in the wee hours of the night. Many of my customers only have metered internet available to them like satellite. One of my selling points is I drive all these functions during their "bonus bytes" time which saves them on their daytime limited usage. And regardless, you don't want all the maintenance running while you are trying to use your computer.

Is your computer slow because it has been turned off for several days and everything is outdated and using your resources while you are trying to use your computer?

Seems like strange advice from a company concerned with making computers run with optimal performance.

BTW: You guys write great software!

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