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I have used this product for a few years and have found it to be very useful.  However, after recently using it I can no longer boot into Windows 10.  I'm running Windows 10 on a 240GB SSD drive formatted as MBR with only the OS and program files on it.  My second drive is a 3TB WD drive partitioned as GPT.  It contains my user files and W7 and W8 OS partitions.  I used the SSD as the boot drive to control the three OSes using EasyBCD.  I primarily use W7  most of the time to avoid the nagging Windows updates in Windows 10 when I'm doing video and audio editing.  It has worked fine for the last 5 years with no trouble. 

A few days ago when I booted into Windows 10 there was no taskbar search box and it was difficult to navigate between windows.  So I booted into Safe Mode and ran Tweaking Windows Repair overnight.  The next day I discovered that it had hung at Repair #8 for 9 hours.  I stopped it, unchecked all repairs and the re-checked all except the first 8.  Repair #28 also hung for a long time and I stopped it and proceeded on with the rest.  Then I tried to run these two one at a time and they still hung.  So I closed the program and rebooted to no avail.  I cannot boot to Windows in either active or Safe Modes.  It shows the Windows logo and the rotating circle briefly and then reboots to a black window.  I have tried all of the suggested ways to resurrect it to no avail.  That includes Startup Repair, Command line bootrec repairs [fixmbr, fixboot, ScanOs, RebuildBcd], SFC Scannow, Chkdsk.  I also tried Macrium Reflect's Rescue disk boot repair.  I reset the boot menu and I can boot from Windows 7 and 8 but still cannot boot to Windows 10.  I also tried these things with the GPT disk disconnected using only the SSD disk.

Some time ago I had a similar issue on my other desktop which also runs multi-boot.  One drive would not boot.  In my searching I came across a very short sequence of cmd line commands that addressed the bootrec of the specific OS.  It worked great!  I have searched and searched for it again and have not been able to find it.

Does anybody have any ideas on how to resurrect my Windows 10 install.  If all else fails I have a backup image of it but it's over a year old and I would prefer to recover the current installation.


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