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Looking at the log it would appear (in my ignorance) that many of the repairs failed because of access denied code 5. If this is the case how doI stop this happening.
This is a standalone laptop. I am the only user/administrator. This is a dell vostro laptop. Last week they replaced my SSD drive and the disc was clean, no back up used (everything in the cloud).
Again this maybe my ignorance but I notice my ID on this machine , finishes with 1002. When I've had new machines in the past, it has I beleive always ended 1001, specific to the machine, IF that is the case where/who is '1001'. There is no other user on the machine?
I attach the last log, would you be kind enough to have a look please and advise if there is some serious underlying flawin the system and if so how it can be reolved
Thank you

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