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Feedback & Suggestions / Thanks beyond words! and a question
« on: April 30, 2021, 05:26:54 pm »
I don't know how long this site has been up; but, some many months back, I heard two techs discussing great software for windows issues.  They were talking about!  I came here and downloaded the free WR and forgot about it as I didn't need it then.  Well, after all this time, I forgot that I had it.  Between the last 2 win 10 updates that are so kindly forced on us, MS managed to practically destroy my desktop.  I worked on it for days trying MS tools, other well known repair softwares, and 1 trip to each of two different computer tech shops.  Both places I was told generally the same thing.... bite the bullet... buy new desktop.  I am not a person to take those words well.  Neither do I have unlimited funds available to throw at buying new.  $1500 is not in my budget.  I kept thinking that there is a way to straighten this out if I can figure it out.  Then, I remembered your Windows Repair Tool!  In about a matter of 30 minutes, this thing was like brand new!  I cannot thank enough.  I am nearly 80 years old and I am still the one who keeps the family's computers going....  not sure how long I can keep doing that...  haha!  My time is running out.  But, if I had listened to what I was told, I would have had to spend money I didn't have. My appreeciation is boundless.  This leads me to my question.  I would like to buy the tech version as I understand it has the most tools. Does that mean that it contains all of what you offer on this site? And, is that a forever license?  I don't need the license for any commercial use... only for my immediate family who never compensates me.  I just enjoy doing what I can.  Thanks again, Misty
Oh, yes, one other thing.  What is the real difference between the mobile version and the install-to-harddrive version as they are quite different in download size?

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