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ps You two need to "get a room" :-)

STEP 1) This gits BITS back in Services list, tries to "Start" but would not (sorry, forgot error message)
-From within the CMD window, type the following exactly (spaces and all)
Create BITS binpath= "c:\windows\system32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs" start= delayed-auto
Don't forget the space between = and delayed, it matters.
Then restart the PC or go to services.msn and right click on BITS and press start (this step failed until I did the following...and actually the following fixed BITS to start on it own, as it should.)
STEP 2) Follow Method III in the following web link

OK Shane, hope this helps...but know in 7 years full time PC repair I ave never had to "Repair the BITS Service. So I am not sure how important it will be to you....

OK, here's the skinny. Vista 64 machine infected with ? fake antivirus FBI warning popup. Never saw he infection myself, went straight to pulling drive and scanning as a slave on another PC, scanned with Malwarbytes and MSE. Returned HD to system, no popups. ran Combofix and repeat malwarebytes. Found you all in one program and ran that, got stuck in loop (see above).
Everything was looking pretty good but would not do updates. Ran EVERY fix offered by MS. Ran your WU fix. Nothing worked. Found discussion around BITS and how it is needed for WU to work. I looked in my Services list and it was not there at all....started pursuit of BITS fixes. Tried every one offered by MS and anything else I could find, nothing working until I did these 2 steps below. BAM! BITS in Services, Started and Updates working...

I used 2 steps to get the BITS back and then working. I will share the specifics but I need to run out for a bit (no pun intended)...

Shane, Thanks....believe it or not I do this for a living. Primary tools are Malwarbytes and Spybot...heavy hitter is I know you have put tons of work in this endeavor...I am trying to repair a Vista-64 machine from a very bad infection. I now wish I had just did a clean rebuild...anyway.....what looks like my last remaining problem is that it will not update. (oops, looks like the last fix fixed it). I was getting error Code 80246008 which kept referring to the BITS service which was missing from my list...anyway, after may trys i know have it in the Services list and "Started" and it looks like the updates are happening...

OK, Vista Startup Repair did a restore and all is back to normal, did you program to repair Firewall (damaged from infection). Going forward, I will just be more selective with the repairs I need. I do plan on being a Donor toward this program as it proves itself.

7 wont boot now, goes into that "Startup Repair" I backed up my Registry and create a Restore Point before I do I roll all this mess back? thanks

Well I shut down both windows and going to reboot....crossing, it was still running Step 1 going on 9hrs

Yes, it has 2 screens. i will try to upload both

Yes, it has 2 screens. i will try to upload both

Ok, just ran across this much potential!!! Just started it on me first problem PC, thought I would wing it and let it run through every option......8hrs latter it has not completed Step 1 "Reset Registry Permissions". I know its running as it counts. I have initiated it to Stop but it says it has to complete what it started first. This is a Windows Vista-64 system, how much time is this going to take? can I force a stop? Please Help this first time user.

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