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Thanks, Boggin. As I said, "I PAID FOR, and downloaded the program, and applied my name and serial number, and registered the program online." I was well aware the program had to be online to register it.

However, the problem has been resolved. I was sent a quick little update that took care of the error. Thank you to whoever noticed and did that for me. Too awesome!! Stays registered in Safe Mode.

I will be trying you're trick re Safe Mode With Networking. Sounds great. Hope it works on 8.1 too. Thanks so much Boggin for trying to help. Much appreciated!!  :wink:

Thanks Boggin, but Wireless connectivity is not the problem. I used to use the free version without Networking in Safe Mode all the time. It works fine.  I bought and paid for the right to use the Advanced Pro Features of Windows Repair-AIO program when I do a repair. The program can be run in Safe mode with, or without networking, but the prerequisite for using the "Pro Features" is registration. I PAID FOR, and downloaded the program, and applied my name and serial number, and registered the program online. I restarted it, and the program is then a "Pro" version, registered to my name. I reboot to safe mode to use the program, as those are the instructions, but when I open it, I'm met by the Unregistered Free version of the program, and cant use the "Pro Features and Special Fixes and Tweaks, I paid for. My registration details have disappeared from the program's About page. I'm offered to use the program's free version, or enter my registration details again. However with M$ removing access to Safe Mode with Networking in Windows 8.1, I cant enter my registration info again, as I'm not online. I feel cheated. I want my money back, as I'm not getting what I paid for. What was the point for paying for Pro Features promised?  :angry:
When I reboot again, and go back online the program is registered. But, All repairs must be run in Safe Mode.
Please, what to do? Who to contact? I cant find a Contact Us, or Support on the website for customers.

I recently upgraded my license to version 4.0.12. When I go to Safe Mode in Windows 8.1-64bit, to run the program, it reverts to unregistered mode, "Houston We Have A Problem", and I cannot use any of the pro features when I do a repair.
Not in Safe Mode: the program is registered and shows my name.
(MS disabled Safe Mode with Networking on my computer for some reason).

Can anyone help me with this? Have no idea what to do at this point.
Thanks in Advance.....

4 Support & Help / Help with 'Kill_Frozen_Programs'
« on: March 17, 2015, 10:04:11 am »
Hello all,
I cannot get Kill_Frozen_Programs to work. Whatever program that is frozen remains that way even after using K_F_P as administrator, and trying many keyboard combinations after Shift-F2 didn't work. The frozen program is Firefox browser, that crashes every ten seconds, and annoys the h--- out of me  :omg:.
Have other browsers but like FF for security when buying something. I have a Laptop, running Windows 8.1, 16 GB ram, 1 Tb space, Intel I-7. I love all these cool programs you created Shane!!!! Any suggestions re: K_F_P? Much appreciated.

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