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Hi Shane - How I found you:  OMG used your program to fix my W7-64b-ultimate did some things to fix firewall, .NET, etc -  - And all seemed to work fine for about 6 weeks on the W7. 

[This problem I am about to describe, I believe has nothing to do with what OMG did, as the same problem showed up on another machine which OMG had nothing to do with.  I have a small environment of several Synology NAS, about 8 XP machines, one W2011 Home Server, and two W7 machines.  - Of course, I have read through (several times) the other thread on your side called:   "Execute processes remotely has stopped working"]

Then, on 5-27 after a reboot this machine could no longer connect to the INTERNET.  It has Malware-bytes anti-virus.  I had not rebooted this box for about two weeks and the only weird software that I installed the week before was something that needed the latest version of iTunes so I installed iTunes also at that time.  I have since done a full virus scan and uninsulated both iTunes and the program that needed iTunes.

Yet, I can not connect to the INTERNET and I can not "run to the finish" your tweaking programs. 

Funny coincidence.  I have another box that uses W7-32b-home-premium and several weeks before the problem with the big box, the W7-32b-home-premium not connect to the INTERNET AND no Tweaking tools would work there either.  Yes did the vscan and tested cable for both boxes up to the cable that goes into them with a third machine that connects fine.

Another hint.  I use a program called Ensign Windows (7 day free trial available at and he has a program that normally connects to the INTERNET (but does not NEED the INTERNET) but that will not run on either box.  I called him and he is mystified.  He said it would work if you are connected or not.

Another hint:  When I go into W firewall on either machine I get the message "Update your Firewall settings - Windows Firewall is not using the recommended settings to protect your computer"  And, there is a button there to "Use recommended settings."  When this is pressed, there is an hourglass for about a minute but then, the hourglass goes away and nothing has changed.

If I try Advanced Firewall settings I get "There was an error opening the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security snap-in."  The Windows Firewall can not be turnjed on or off, either.

These above anomalies happened the same on both machines.

Also, on both machines, when I run the Tweaking AIO each process seems to execute for a while (each process starts and I see a command windows open and a log stream in the windows) but near the "end(?)" I get the feared  "Execute processes remotely has stopped working."

Also, on both machines, simple stuff like Aieesoft DVDxxx programs (which never have any problems) are not working on either machine: "Execute processes remotely has stopped working"

HELP!  I am a free cat trapped inside a box with no windows to the INTERNET :).

General Computer Support / XP 32 bit NTLDR missing
« on: April 11, 2013, 08:20:46 PM »
Hi - I have an old Dell 9100 which works fine with 4GB ram and on MB RAID1 SATA with two 750GB Deskstar drives.  Machine and XP work fine, except that after 6 months I got the NTLDR missing message.  I used the Hiren repair disc to boot and that's fine.  But, the Hiren disc does not repair the issue.  Hiren just boots and allows me to get XP going from the hard drive.  Is there some fix I can use.  I made a repair disk when I installed XP but did not have a place to put a system image so I do not have one.  Any suggestions on how I can get rid of this dependence on the Hiren disc for booting?  Thanks much.

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