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1 Support & Help / Missing folders in Outlook
« on: January 15, 2023, 03:07:34 pm »
I have multiple Microsoft Outlook accounts and into the accounts I have folders that are not there anymore?  The folders in questions are different between the 2 accounts but ones I'm primarily interested in are "saved documents" and "sent documents" the folders are missing in both the Outlook desktop application and Outlook online.  Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

For reference the desktop App I'm running is part of Office 365.

Microsoft Edge has a feature where it can autofill my personal information whenever a website asks for my name, address, email, etc. This is often very useful, but one thing I find very annoying is that whenever I enter other information than my personal information in a field called "Name", "Address", "Email", etc it automatically saves that information as my personal information.

For example, some websites allow me to search for other people by name, but whenever I write something in the "Name" field, Edge saves the other person's name as my personal info. It doesn't even have to be a field asking for someone's personal info. For example, in PhpMyAdmin, when I enter the name of a table or a column I want to create, Edge saves that as my name. I can manually delete it from the settings, but it's annoying to have to do that each time I enter a name that's not mine somewhere.

So I would like to stop Edge from saving new personal info. My name and email address will probably never change so I will never have to update that, and I don't move very often so I have nothing against updating my address manually in the settings next time I move.

I searched for how to do this, and found a lot of pages like this one that tell me to go to edge://settings/personalinfo and turn off the "Save and fill personal info" checkbox at the top. While this stops the browser from saving personal info as I want, it also stops the browser from suggesting to fill personal info that I already saved.

Is there a way stop Edge from saving new personal info while still allowing it to autofill existing personal info?

General Computer Support / Nvidia video card issue
« on: August 20, 2022, 02:00:14 pm »
I have a Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 but whenever I turn off the Intel UHD graphics to just use it I lose the images on my 2nd monitor.  My change back to the Intel graphics it comes back again.  Any idea how to get both monitors to work while using the Nvidia video card?

I'm running Windows 10x64 Pro on a i7-11800H with 32 GB of RAM.

4 Support & Help / Hesitation/occasional unresponsiveness
« on: March 12, 2022, 01:14:35 pm »
Recently I've been having a problem with hesitation and/or unresponsiveness while running my Windows 10 system.

I'm running Windows 10x64 Pro on a M-Tech laptop, 32 MB RAM and a i7-11800H processor with 2 SSD's. MS Office other normal desktop Applications as well as AutoCAD being run.

The problem started around the 1st of the year and the best I can tell it is related to Process System PID 4 which constantly Is using at least 5% and it normally more of the available CPU time. I read several articles how to clear various items to solve this problem but can't seem to get it to work here. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

General Computer Support / Removing folders from Microsoft Outlook
« on: June 06, 2021, 04:46:30 pm »
Is there any way to delete folders from Microsoft outlook accounts that you don't use? I'd like to clean up the layout of my accounts in Microsoft Outlook so it's easier to find what I'm looking for. I don't use the archive, RSS feeds, search folders or conversation history folders and getting rid of them would make things much easier.

General Computer Support / Outlook Keeps Sending Files to Junk Folder
« on: March 21, 2020, 01:36:51 pm »
Outlook 365 keeps sending files to the Junk Folder even though I have put those sites in "Never Block The Sender's Domain". 1 of the sites in particular is

Any ideas?

I keep getting the code: 0x80070002 when I'm trying to update apps in the Microsoft store. I've tried multiple ideas from various articles and nothing seems to work. I've turned back on UAC and went back to using my Microsoft Login to sign into the computer (neither of which I really wanted to do) but neither of those changes had any effect. I did a repair installation of Windows 10 again with no effect.

Any ideas what else I should try?

General Computer Support / Internet Explorer Problem
« on: March 18, 2018, 10:15:12 am »
I'm having 2 problems with IE11 on my Windows 10x64 Pro laptop.  It keeps freezing randomly and I get Script Errors on random websites when switching between pages.  I've already tried the repair tool and the Windows Repair utility provided by as well as several other suggestions with no help.  I also completely removed all reference to Internet Explorer from the appdata/local files under my username with no effect.  As a last resort I even tried a complete repair installation of Windows 10 and that didn't help!

Short of doing a complete reinstallation of Windows 10 from scratch which I really don't want to get into because of all the various software's I have installed does anybody have any ideas what I can try to repair Windows 10?  I know I could use a different browser but because of my disability I have to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking for most computer control and for typing and Internet Explorer is the only browser that is fully integrated into.

General Computer Support / Script errors in IE11
« on: March 10, 2018, 09:57:40 am »
Starting about a week ago I began getting script errors when visiting certain Internet sites.  If multiple sites and it doesn't seem to be a pattern.  I'm attaching a screenshot of the error message I get.

I've already tried the Windows Repair Tool and that had no effect on the problem.

I know most people could use a different browser but I have to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking software to control my computer because of her disability.  It's not fully integrated into any of the other browsers so they are useless to me in most cases.

General Computer Support / Memory problems Windows 10x64 Pro
« on: July 23, 2016, 08:21:22 pm »
I've been getting Virtual Memory Errors on my Sager NP-7378 on a pretty regular basis. Just before this happens I graphics stops working and part or all of my screen goes blank. I tried disabling my Nvidia video card and that made no difference. I also tried disabling the internal video on the processor forcing everything to the Nvidia card and the problem persisted. However if I use the Who Crashed utility it doesn't show anything if the cause of the crash.

Tonight, when I started losing graphics on my screen I fortunately had Process Explorer open and was able to take a quick use at memory usage with it. I'm attaching a screenshot which shows that I have plenty of physical memory available but for some reason the amount of virtual memory being used is climbing rapidly.

I was just using IE11 doing some browsing when this happened in the only other software open on the machine was Outlook 2016.

Any idea what's causing this problem and how I can correct it? I've already tried a complete reinstallation of Windows 10x64 Pro and that had no effect.

I just ran the system file check and got an error (screenshot attached).  I'm also attaching a copy of the CBS log.

I'm getting the error "One or more network protocols are missing in this computer" only when I try to access one website.  Access to all of the websites work fine.  I tried resetting the Winsock and several other various solutions I found on the Internet and none of them have helped.  I've also tried connecting via Wi-Fi and via cable and have the same problem.  The website in question is  Any ideas why am getting this error and how to correct it?

General Computer Support / Microphone Level Set Point
« on: December 06, 2015, 05:06:40 pm »
Windows 10 keeps resetting the volume level for my microphone. I set it to 60 and a little while later when I look at it again it is set to 80. I get distortion when it is set at high but it works perfectly well set to 60. Any idea what I can do to get to stay where I set it?

My system specifications are: Sager NP 7378, i7-4710, 16 GB RAM, 250 GB SSD, 1 TB hard drive, Nvidia 860 video card, Windows 10x64 Pro.

General Computer Support / SFC errors after installing TH2
« on: November 15, 2015, 01:29:46 pm »
After I installed TH2 on Thursday I decided to run a SFC check to see if I had errors and it came up with some that it said it couldn't correct. The assembly look at the attached file and tell me what I need to do.



General Computer Support / Desktop icons have a strange overlay
« on: August 21, 2015, 04:08:38 pm »
For some reason most of my desktop icons now have a white rectangle covering most of them.  The only ones that don't are the base Microsoft ones of This Computer, Recycle Bin and folders.  I'm also seeing the same thing in the small icons within folders.  I'm attaching a screen clip to show what I'm talking about.  I tried using the Windows Repair tool from this website and running the Icon Repair but it didn't make any difference.  Any more ideas?

Actually doing a little more looking it appears that this only affects shortcuts.

The repair to certain reparse points appear to be corrected but then return and the next time they are checked. The attachment to this thread shows the ones I'm talking about. What needs to be done to repair them permanently?

General Computer Support / Repairing administrator privileges
« on: July 30, 2015, 07:59:36 pm »
Some of my administrator privileges have changed.  When I tried to run some files that I download I get a message saying that they need administrative privileges to run.  My user profile is set up as an administrator.  In addition, on some of these files when I right click on them and say run as administrator I get a message saying that they can't be run with elevation.

Short of creating a new profile and transferring everything to it, which always becomes a major problem, how can I restore all my administrator privileges?

General Computer Support / Strange video problem
« on: June 22, 2015, 07:22:26 pm »
I have a really strange problem viewing some videos on my laptop.  Most videos come up just fine but on a few websites they won't come up matter what I do.  I have the latest version of flash player installed as well as Java and directX 11.  I have no idea what I need to get the videos to work on the websites that they don't work on.  One of them that I have the problem consistently on its is one: although there are some others.  I've even tried doing a reinstall of the operating system (Windows 7x64 Pro SP1) and it didn't make any difference. 

System specs are shown in the attached Speccy screen capture.

Any ideas are appreciated!

General Computer Support / Errors found
« on: May 16, 2015, 08:44:28 pm »
I've been getting an error that corrupt files were found in couldn't be repaired while running SFC/scannow.  I was going to use the Tweaking Windows repair tool and when I ran the pre-scan I got the following information:

"Scanning Windows Packages Files.
Started at (5/16/2015 11:37:59 PM)

These Files Are Missing: (Total: 6)

Problems were found with the packages files, these files need to be replaced (These mainly only effect installing Windows Updates.)
The SFC (System File Checker) doesn't scan and replace some of these files, so you may need to replace them manually.
These files do not keep the repairs from working, you may still run the repairs in the program.

If you need help in replacing these files, post on the Forums at for help.

Files Checked & Verified: 3,797
Done (5/16/2015 11:38:16 PM"

What do I need to do to replace the files?

I've been having some strange things happen Internet Explorer, some pages opening slowly etc. I decided to run the Internet Explorer repair tool. When I ran it, it told me that it was unable to find six different registry entries for both the user and administrator accounts. At this something I should be concerned about? If so how do I go about repairing it? I've already reinstalled IE 11.

The computer is running Windows 7x64 professional 16 GB of RAM.

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