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General Computer Support / Unable to create Restore Points
« on: August 29, 2015, 12:49:59 pm »
Hello all,

I run Windows 7 (64 bit).
Since about 3 weeks I'm getting Blue Screens Of Death. When trying to restore to a previous point, using the Windows program it gave a pop up referring to a not properly functioning Volume Shadow Storage (error code: 0X8004231F). I looked around the internet and came across Restore Point Creator. I installed the program and the first time I ran it I was able to create restore points. After another BSOD, it started giving messages that 'a program crash that shouldn't happen on a proper working Windows installation did occur' and than it would open my browser. That opened up Tom's page with a message what could be the problem and I should install Windows Repair 3.4.3. I've done so and after installing, ran the program. I followed all the steps, including the step that creates a  Registry backup. By default it runs fallback backup. After adjusting the settings and chosing VSS_7-8-2008_2012_64.exe to have Volume Shadow Storage do the backup it comes back with a message 'failed'. It says 'VSS-7-8, etc' isn't running. Check Log_VSS.txt to view any errors. I looked at the topics on Volume Shadow and came across a lot of different issues. Since I'm not a big computer wizard, I'm not sure waht to do. I'm sure there are logs that I could include in my messages, but I first need to know where to look and find them. I appreciate your help. As the above refers to a log_vss. txt where do I find this? What other logs can I include for you guys to take a look at? The BSOD had several different causes; one of them being MyFilter.sys issues. In short I hope there's some of you out there that can help me get started in solving the problems and guide me through the process.  I look forward to your input. Journstyx

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