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Well, the Windows Installer (how it's listed in Services.msc) was on Manual.  I Started the program and kept the Manual condition, as well.  I tried the elevated Prompt SFC /scannow, again.  Still says that Windows Resource Protector could not start the repair service. 

Dadgum MS!

This looks promising.  I'll do it.  I've been "dealing" with for about a week now, via e-mail, attempting to get this fixed.  Thank you for your service-with-a-smile!!

Bubba Euler

Here's the screenshot of my attempt to run SFC /scannow.

I love the Windows Repair - All in One!  Somehow, my computer says that Windows Resource Protector can not start SFC /scannow.  The step in the All-in-One won't do the SFC, either.  Any ideas on this problem?  Windows 7 Home Premium x64 OS.

Bubba Euler

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