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Hi Tom,

First of all, for an inexplicable reason, the BSOD's have stopped.  So, I am in a holding pattern for now (at worst).

I have been thinking about the windows 10 conversion. Since I am considering a clean install and a wiped 250Gb SSD, I was thinlking about the necessity for 2 physical upgades first. Upgrading the SSD to 500Gb and upgrading the processor. Right now I have the Intel Core i5 4670K in a 1150 LGA socket. I understand that newer i5's are much better than the early ones. Can I (and should I) have this i5 replaced using the same mobo/socket?

Thanks, Larry

By "primer" I mean a "how-to" guide on how to prepare for an OS SSD reformat and new install (Win 10).

I'll ck that out.

I (obviously) need to go to Windows 10 (clean install) anyway so this whole adventure may just get me to finally do that. Can you recommend a primer on how to do that?

Hi, I hope to try the clean boot this weekend. I was wondering about something. I am using a applet called Blue Screen to access my dmp files and I am finding that not all of the fltmgr.sys BSOD's are generating dmp files. Just happend a minute ago while on the internet. Is that indicative of something? I also noticed that only sometimes upon bootup after the same BSOD, I am taken to the screen that asks if I want to open Windows normally (Safe Mode?).

On the other hand, the process of cleaning up my system has fixed my Windows inability to log out when it goes to sleep.


USB Controller are all up to date per the online search.

I rarely use the USB jacks but plugged in internally are the printer, trackball and onboard card reader. I just unplugged a couple of HDDs that don't need to be hot 24/7.

I changed that Services setting to Automatic.

Most people seem to discourage the 3rd party driver update programs. All seem to have a twist. The free Driver Max has a max of 2 per day, lots of "Pro" pop ups, and showed a lot more needed updates on Intel than the actual Intel Driver Update Utility. Reminded me of the likelhood of getting a prognosis for surgery if you go see a surgeon. Its what they do. Revo'd. The free Driver Easy had a 56k (yes, fax/modem 56k) download speed cap!  I did run the scan just now and all the drivers are Intel exc the one for the card reader (unknown name- Alcor). That did not last long. Revo'd. Driver Booster lists a ton of uneeded (acc to Winodws 7 and Intel) Intel and all the USB controllers! Revo'd.

Thanks. I guess all that is left is the msconf routine or did I miss something?

Maybe now, converted jpg to a pdf. This is a mess. :sad:

Forum wouldn't let me send my large entry. I had to take a pic and it is attached below. It BSOD'd again after I manipulated the pic and was attaching it to this thread. Here we go again. I hope you can read it!!

I attached it along with the script up above but would not let me send it. It said:

CleanTalk: *** Forbidden. Data submitted too often. Please wait a few minutes. Please enable JavaScript. ***

All the above not valid.

I had to remove the attachment to get it to go through. Is there a size limit on attachments? will send seprately.

Got another BSOD.  I will research event viewer later today, can’t do right now.

Using MSconfig with a BSOD that only happens occasionally is not troubleshooting, it seems like a career. I think there’s a lot of software that starts up.  I’ll try the “first eliminate 1/2 of them” routine.

Any thoughts on the non plug-and-play drivers?  Or should I just give up that tact. Thanks!!

Still working on event viewer. Lost track of the exact time of my last BSOD so I am waiting for a new one.

Was wondering what drivers would not be PNP? Video? Extra HDDs? My ol' Logitech Trackman Marble? I did find under Storage Controllers a "DAEMON Tools Lite Virtual SCSI Bus". I do have Damon Lite installed (not installed recently). Maybe its time to say bye-bye. Seems heavy-handed.


Before I went out, I had a few minutes to play with eventvwr. Things didn't quite look the way I read it in your post. I will work with it some more tomorrow. Thanks for sticking with me!

Thanks. Logs- didn't see anything regarding bad results. Lots of things not accessed since it was in Safe Mode, I guess. I added a Logs shortcut to the Start Menu for easy access later. Anything specific to look for or is there a primer on the topic?

Security Progs: Just Avast.  I do use CCleaner weekly or so. Got rid of Spybot months ago. Used Revo to do so.

OMG, I forgot to mention. About 4 months ago a memtested my RAM and one was bad. GSkills sent me a new pair. Yesterday, when I had done that "one at a time" test on the sticks, I put them back in the black slots. This morning I ran System Information and found that it was only detecting 1 stick. Discovered that my mobo prefers that 2 sticks use the gray slots, not the black. I moved them over, msinfo is happy and it has been a quiet morning. Mind you, this BSOD issue is a week old and the sticks went in months ago. But, there ya go. We'll see.

I just ran a program called Who Crashed to see what it woud do and it stated:
"Bug check description: This indicates that a kernel-mode driver attempted to access pageable memory at a process IRQL that was too high. "
Is there any useful info in that? Probably not.

I'll ck out the msconfig option later on. Thanks. Are there any logs or reports that are generated after running Repairs?


Hi Tom,

Device Mgr is clear in Safe Mode other than the "printer driver being inaccessible in Safe Mode".

What I have done already are:
SFC- all ok  (from Com Prompt- Run As Admin)
Chkdsk- all ok  (same as above)
Malwarebytes Repair
Windows Update
Updated from mfg sites:
    GeForce graphics driver
    Intel Driver per Intel App
   Windows Memory Diagnostic
   Ran each of 2 sticks separately

Do you still want me to run SFC and Chkdsk again and look at the event logs?

Dont' know if it matters but the shutdown period has become lengthy. 45 secs or so.


14 Programs & Site Help & Support / Tweaking Free- Logs or Reports
« on: September 21, 2019, 08:57:34 AM »
Window 7 64-bit.

I have been getting fltmgr.sys BSODs.

I ran  the free Repair program and was wondering if there is are logs or reports of its results/changes/suggestions? Thanks

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