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Yes AVG is fine thanks.

I can get temporary access to an unmeterd connection through a friends machine to download an ISO. I can't even get an old ADSL connection ast I am too far from the exchange, so copper doesn't work.  My friend - a couple of clicks up the road has an unlimited ADSL connection, so for odd one off's I can use his machine and burn a disk from the ISO.  Do you have a link please?

Many thanks.


Sorry for delay in reply - I have a poorly wife at the moment.

No, the restore health did not work - see attached, but sfc did - see attached.

Many thanks.


Thanks Tom.

The old version of Win 10 Pro is because I live in Australia, and despite govt promises to the contrary my Internet connection is satellite, slow, expensive and very limited in size, so I run Windows as a metered connection.  Did what you suggested, and all now seems well.  Only small issue, when I ran DISM I got an error (see screen shot), but otherwise there does not seem to a problem.
Thanks again

Hi.  Not sure if I should start a new topic, but there are similarities to this thread.
I am running Win 10 Pro 1607.
Long story short I had some problems following my network card going belly up and used WR 4.7.1.  When I re-booted my previous problems had been solved, But I now have a couple of issues.  My Anti virus (AVG) only starts partially.  When I try to change the settings, they will not save to the registry so nest time I boot AVG is again only partially active.
Since the repair I have installed Photoshop7.   It requires a registry entry when you first boot the program, and again although regedit is started by Photoshop, it is not allowed to up date the registry.
Tried both methods to correct, and all I get is a "Cannot import C:\Prog........................remove.reg:error accessing the registry" error.
Whilst I have some knowledge I do not have the confidence to edit the registry without some guidance.
Some, but not all the entries contained in remove_stuck_safemode.reg" are present in the registry.  Do I simply remove these by hand, edit them - if so what to?
Can I have a bit of guidance please?
Many thanks, and apologies if I should have started a new topic.
Brospeedster :undecided:

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