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D-Link DSL 2730 U From memory, but J can confirm this?

A USB Ethernet adapter should work, but no guarantees that it will fix the current problem that you are having. Adding another link to the chain could make things worse  :sad:

Is it that important to you that you have an internet connection while your PC boots up? As long as you get a stable connection at a decent speed once the PC has booted, then just live with it and move on.

J, I've seen Energy Efficient Ethernet cause problems, try disabling that feature for your NIC.

GeekUninstaller is my choice, others are available.

It does a good job uninstalling and cleaning up afterwards. It is a free portable application too, so no worries about how to uninstall the uninstaller  :wink:


Look for "ScreenCamera" and set it to "disabled"

How come I know your PC better than you do?  :wink:

That shows started services, "ScreenCamera" failed to start, so show ALL services

NB it may be listed as "ScrCam.exe"

Are you sure that you never installed it? Remember this post that you made?  :wink:,4658.msg33875.html#msg33875

As I said, looks like an orphaned service.

If you had ScreenCamera from PCWinSoft installed in the past and subsequently uninstalled it, then the service may have been left behind after the uninstall, post a list of all services.

J, Got ScreenCamera - PCWinSoft installed? A virtual camera for screenshots/ screen recording. If you have and don't use it, then uninstall it  :wink:

Eventhough, i tried the latest version of mr, the one recommended by you, which you said somewhere in my thread gives no problem in restoration process. Would you kindly say the version of it, so that i could use for taking the image incase of any system failure.
expecting your reply,pl

I did not recommend the latest version, although it should work fine.,5356.0.html post #22

The version that I use is old  (5.3.7299) and I use it on XP machines, probably not the best for Windows Vista and above.

Yes - thanks, it's just that this time when I tried them, all I got was an info page on that version with no download buttons.

Previously, clicking on any of the links started the download.

This is what I see, download button highlighted in red

FWIW I have used V4 without problem on a friend's XP SP3 machine, from memory it was V 4.0.6

Wow! So is this fixed? Good job J   :smiley:

That's okay - you can have it set to either Home or Public.

In your ipconfig /all for your XP machine the Node type shouldn't be showing as Unknown.

Create a restore point then follow the steps in this article then post another ipconfig /all - also let us know if it has any effect on your connection on that machine

I have seen this before and on XP machines, mostly Dell's with Intel WiFi, showing as "unknown" in Node Type from ipconfig /all.. I have done the following and set them as "Hybrid"..solved an issue reconnecting after "sleep" and "hibernate".

Make a registry backup first, then....

Run the registry editor and open this key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Netbt\Parameters

Delete the DhcpNodeType value if it’s present.

If the DhcpNodeType value isn’t present, create it using type: DWORD.

Set DhcpNodeType to 1 (Broadcast), 4 (Mixed), or 8 (Hybrid).

Reboot and then check ipconfig /all

We haven't seen an ipconfig /all from the XP machine yet.

It would be nice to see a comparison.

Exactly.....J Please post this ^ ^ ^ ^

@ Samson - Do you have a comparable router to check what you have where JR has in his router ?

See attached screenshot. Netgear DG834G non ISP supplied ADSL modem/ router.

"" is the default entry in J's router? I understand that to be true. It may be ISP/ Region specific and it all seems to work fine on J's XP laptop. I think with that default setting and J's ISP settings and DNS it works and is best left alone rather than just entering random names.

I know J is keen to try and fix the problem, fair play to him, but I'm sure the problem is in J's Win7 machine network, and not his router. A reinstall may be a pain, but may be the only way.

.So, I suppose, there is a kind of dns name issue. I think that xp machine does not have that problem, but the later versions, from Vista would have some issue.

Post the result of ipconfig /all for the XP laptop when connected via ethernet to the router for a comparison.

I am all out of suggestions on this one....Pretty sure all options have been tried and failed.

Bite the bullet J, a fresh install and as Boggin suggests. just name your PC something simple, JRAJU seems as good as anything, as long as your laptop or phone do not have that name  :wink:

What puzzles me is why it seems to have taken part of your computer name and set that up as a DNS Suffix.

When J named the PC, it was "sarochan.chandru", there should not be a "." in the PC name. I am of the opinion that this is the cause of the DNS Suffix issue in his network and subsequent PC name changes have not ammended the network settings to resolve this.

I can't help with GP log, that is above my pay grade  :wink:

So from your test with laptop we know that the router and cable are OK.

It is up to you, but if it were my machine I would try uninstalling and then reinstalling the network adapter (Realtek PCIe FE) and then reinstalling it and see if that clears everything so that you can set it up afresh.....BUT see what others (well Boggin) suggest first.

Mine is set for Home.

Can we sum up? Are you still getting internet disconnect when starting your desktop? This would explain the dns server timeouts error.

What happens when you start the laptop on wifi, does your router disconnect then? Disable wifi on the laptop and connect via ethernet...using the same cable, plugged in to the same port on the router. what happens then?

Hi, Boggins and samson,
Please see my post 51. Why it is showing as business and not home pc in the settings. I change it, but it never changes , when i open the network id in ocmputer properties.

Try method 2 here and see if it will allow you to change from "Business" to "Home"...

He says, that by not selecting  the bridged mode, i was getting connected thro antenna of the modem thro wifi, even though i have ethernet connection.

Based on that, I don't think I'd have much faith in that tech guy

J, I noticed that your PC name is "sarochan.chandru"

See this

Especially...."Avoid special characters in computer names. Do not use any of these characters when naming Windows computers: / \ * , . " @"

You have . in your PC name, and, including the . your name is over 15 characters long, also lower case. So try


Long shot I know, but I think we are already in that territory. It seems  possible as your PC name has been split at the . to give this from ipconfig /all

 Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : sarochan
 Primary Dns Suffix  . . . . . . . : chandru

Which is what is giving this whole "domain" issue.

EDIT 21st Feb....

Do you have the latest Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller driver 7.115 ? released 23/1/18

Your above screenshot looks correct to me....

I'm out of ideas J,  :sad:

Your best bet is asking with your router manufacturer and or your ISP, I can't imagine you are the only person in India using that model and that ISP, someone must have a solution, and I reckon that is your best route (sorry no pun intended  :wink:)

Enter and save whatever DNS server addresses that you have chosen to use in the red box of the attached screen shot...set the Domain name box "blank". Then run ipconfig /flushdns, reboot and report back.

Also show your equivalent screenshot for network adapter settings, TCP/IP advanced DNS, like mine above.

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