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2 Support & Help / Statistics about Windows Repair?
« on: November 04, 2014, 10:26:29 am »
Shane, do you have any statistics on how many times that " - Windows Repair (All in One)" have been downloaded? Feels like the program is popular!  :)


I posted a picture of which link doesn't work. It is marked in red.

By the way this is a really good update  :)


Everything Else / The Heartbleed Bug
« on: April 10, 2014, 05:59:56 am »
I was wondering about the heartbleed bug if this website uses OpenSSL?

I checked here and the result was: "All good, seems fixed or unaffected!"


I have only some minor text and color suggestions!

1. The button "Get Hardware" is a bit confusing to me, it sounds like that I'm going to download driver from internet or something like that.
 Maybe "Display Hardware", "List Hardware" "Show Hardware" or "Refresh List" is ok?

2. If I click on "Show All Hardware" or "Show All Hardware Except Standard System Devices" I get exactly the same result (Total Hardware found: 74), should it be so?

3. Also in "Improve Database" instead of "Get Hardware" maybe it could say: "Scan your Hardware" or "List your Hardware"

4. Then I check for updates the text are green there it says: "Update Available: No", maybe the text could be red if there is no update and then there is an update, the text could be green?
 Or the text "Update Available:" could be in a more neutral color and only the text: "No" could be in red and "Yes" in green color?

Fantastic program and everything worked  :smiley:. I tried it on Win7 64-bit.
I like that I can copy 8 different list columns. Also that I can search for Drivers by Name and HardwareIDs.
It's also nice that I can click on the columns to sort the list.


Feedback & Suggestions / Registry Backup is much faster with ssd drive!
« on: January 09, 2014, 10:49:20 am »
I replaced my hard drive for an SSD drive on my dell laptop, previously it took Registry Backup approximately 2 minutes and 10 seconds to to be completed when I scheduled it to start when windows starts. With ssd drive, it takes about 45 seconds.  ;D



Since version 2.0.0 in Windows Repair (All In One) the main window becomes invisible,
 then I have ticked "Always on top" in "start repairs" if I open and then close it again

I attach pictures so you understand! The main windows should look like tweak3.jpg.


I wonder about permissions in the registry in
I wonder if you have full permissions here?

When I uninstall the Nvidia graphic card driver, it is usually left some registry keys here, I have changed it manually so I have full permission and delete the files I want to delete but then I change it back.
Should it be "read" in permission of PnpLockdownFiles?


9 Support & Help / Advanced System Tweaker 0.9.7 Beta
« on: January 29, 2012, 11:53:00 pm »

Nice program but I have some suggestions  :cheesy:

First I would like the program to be maximazed because its hard to see the detailed
information without have to scroll sideways.

In the changlelog for v0.9.6 Beta you wrote:
"The program now stores what tweaks have been run in the registry. And will color
each tweak in the tree view to show it has been run before. The goal of this is for
users who don't remember what tweaks they have already run."

I use other tweakers and have already tweak some of the tweaks you also have, but in
your program I can't see if they are already tweaked or not. It's a bit confusing to
 Seems that I must enable tweak from your program to show up as a different color?

And why must it be "Enable tweak or "Disable tweak"? It could be only one radio
button if its checked when it's enabled then it's not checked it's disabled.
Or you can have it like now but if its already checked by your program or for example
that you have tweaked in the registry yourself then the text have a black background
or something like that.

It's not easy to remember what other changes I have made ​​in the registry, then it
would be nice to see it on the fly in your program also, saves time.

I will show you a pic of a another program how I would like it to be, not the
appearance, but the whole thing that earlier changes are remebered.
The first time I started this program all the changes I have made myself earlier in the
registry was checked.  And in for example "Waiting time to end services and shutdown
process" that was also the same value in that program like I have changed myself in
the registry.

Also think the minimize and close button are a bit small   :rolleyes:

But I love the "Detailed Information" so I can se what in registry that's changed and
you have some tweaks that other programs dont have.
Also smooth with favorites.



If I look in the description text for "General Tweaks" and for:

---Keep Positive Entries in DNS Cache For 4 Hours Instead of 24 Hours---

This tweak is helpful when there are DNS changes on the net or your network.
Instead of waiting 24 hours to look up the DNS again it will do it in 4. This
will help with websites or local computers that come up as not reachable.

The following keys are changed.


Would be great to see what you change it to for example:

I thought I could only check thoose tweaks I want to change from your program,
but if I did that thoose other entries in for example "General Tweaks" there
changed to default.
Then I Open other tweakprograms like "MZ 7 Optimizer" and "Ultimate Windows
Tweaker" the tweaks I already am using is checked the first time I start the program.
It would be nice if I could only check one or more tweaks without the other
entries be changed back to default, if I have got this right?

That's why I want to see what entires for the registry you change, so I can
change it myself.

I really think you program is good, so you don't feel I am just complaing  :wink:


In Windows Repair then I choose any of the 3 alternatives in "Start Repairs" and then I click the button "Back" the program crashes.

I have win7 64-bit.

I get this crash dump:

  - Provider

   [ Name]  Application Error
  - EventID 1000

   [ Qualifiers]  0
   Level 2
   Task 100
   Keywords 0x80000000000000
  - TimeCreated

   [ SystemTime]  2011-10-09T05:46:02.000000000Z
   EventRecordID 7296
   Channel Application


- EventData


But if I go to "Start Repairs" again and use the red close button the program dosen´t crash.

Great program!  :smiley: I haven´t used it cause my win7 is working great. But its good to have if something goes wrong.

The program its a little bit like windows 8 refresh option?

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