Author Topic: A Best uninstaller to have for windows  (Read 4241 times)

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A Best uninstaller to have for windows
« on: April 03, 2013, 01:13:34 AM »
Hi,     We usually try to download free programs for trying to accomplish a task. Some Program is up to the mark in that they actually do the thing that the user expect .But most of the programs are given as a trial and it will work for only a limited task and say you have to upgrade to the full version in order to accomplish your work. In these days, where there are free programs or softwares one would not dare to register or upgrade as the user has not used it how the program will perform even in the full paid version
       If we try to uninstall with the usual software uninstaller, so many confusions will arise, as pop up would show to the effect "
this file is used by other programs do you want to delete it anyway? And user would be in dilemma whether to leave the file as it is or to delete it. If you uninstall the program, the program will be redirected to the software website to know why the uninstallation is sought etc., etc. The uninstallation process would be finished but there would be traces of the software in the registries which could not be erased that much easily.
         But there is a Tool called Revo uninstaller, which is a free and useful tool. It opens a screen, which would show all installation programs and if you select to uninstall a unwanted program, then you just select the prog. icon and click uninstall. There will be another screen, showing 4 mode of uninstallation. Choose the 4 th  for complete uninstallation.
       The program starts and if there is uninstaller inbuilt in the software, you could click yes to uninstall. After inbuilt uninstall is over, the residue entries of the programs will be analysed and will be shown in the next screen. Just you have to select  the BOLD shown items, and then click delete. It shows another screen,and you have to select and delete the BOLD shown registry and file items for deletion.And at last you have to go to the root, to the end and select the MUI cache , where the trigger for the software is stored.
       Then comes the last screen showing the all residual entries. You just select all and delete. It will try to delete all, but if it could not will show a message that theses will be deleted in the next boot. Click yes and you have totally uninstalled the unwanted software. I use only this for a couple of years and there is no hitch or bug in the program. There are advanced menus for advanced users also. Tweaking com users, i do hope that you try this tool which is worth it salt.
         For easy reference , i attach some screen shots.
 the link for free download

The Bottom line is "Check your hardware first if it supports the task you try".