Author Topic: easy way to have your ms office icons at the desktop in windows 7  (Read 3280 times)

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Hi, Every would love to have the shortcuts for their favourite programs especially very useful ms office. I suppose, in the earlier editions microsoft has itself supplied the formation of all msoffice shortcuts in the desktop. But in windows 7 and other updated editions of ms office, this is not so. You have to invariably go to the Program menu, then microsoft and then choose out choice program.
    I learnt a simple way, and that the shortcuts for this is located in windows 7, in c:\Programfiles\Microsoft office\office 12. You go to the location and select the exe file, for eg excel.exe with xl icon, word.exe with winword icon and so on. Right click the icon, and copy the same to create shortcut at the desk top.
    The location of office folder is depending on the version . I hope that this would be useful for easily accessing your msoffice programs easily.
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