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WR v2.01
« on: November 02, 2013, 06:43:16 AM »
I recently fired up RegDllview ( and it revealed a number of things.
- Suggestion: Add a repair for COM+. RegDllView ( showed that a number of files are COM+ related and need to be registered. Don't know how important COM+ is. I GOOGLE-d the words "COM+, error" and a number of things popped up. I can't discover a clear pattern of what needs to be done besides registering those files.
- This same program showed that about 8 files on my Win 7 system are "WMI providers" and are registered. These files don't get registered by "Repair WMI" because they are not in the "WBEM" folder but in the parent folder "System32" ("Syswow64" ????). To be added to the WMI repair ?

Perhaps it's possible to make the 1st four repairs stand out ? These 4 are - IMO - the most important repairs and - IMO - must be always run. Don't know how this can be achieved. Use a different color for the characters ? Move them to separate tab ? Make these 4 repair into 4 sub-repairs that can be selected together with one click and/or selected individually. Like the 12 sub repairs under "Reset/repair File Associations" ??

- WR has one small (registration) bug in "Repair MSI". On a 64 bit system, it registers one file (msi.dll) in the "System32" folder for a 2nd time. But the 2nd time it must (try to) register that file  in the "Syswow64" folder. See my proposals.