Author Topic: how to choose the columns in windows explorer as per your settingsin Win7  (Read 3263 times)

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               Normally, when one opens the windows, windows explorer shows the window in its default style having column, name, datemodified, type and size. This is the normal view one would like, because, when you add a new file, it shows these information and you could easily access the latest file downloaded or saved. This is common for all if these are documents. Suppose, you add a music or video, these will change to some other view, Name, title , instead of the normal settings. In this view, you cannot see the date modified view, so you could easily pick up the oldest and latest files. Rather it will show as folders and files of music at the end of the screen.
              This may some time irritate you, as you would have downloaded a pdf file, but its location may not be quickly identified.
               I have surfed through the net for this and found an excellent tutorial, which will help our forum members, if they have any view problems in windows 7. The detailed article given in this link is self explanatory and i did the instruction given under "general" to modify the changed view settings. Now even if i download a music file, it will be shown as per normal window, which i think is the proper and quick location of files of any type, by dates.
The link is here, and the fixes are given in the end of the article. I rate this link as most useful
                    I hope the forum members would also be benefited by these tools, as per their wishes
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