Author Topic: Can a blown motherboard also take out the cpu?  (Read 5238 times)

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Can a blown motherboard also take out the cpu?
« on: January 23, 2014, 11:22:35 am »
Hey Bud,

   Here is my problem. I was stress testing my amd 8320 on my asrock 990fx extreme 9 and the system shut down...then I could smell something metalic.. crap!!!  ooppss :shocked: So my first guess was the PSU as my system would not boot (nothing from the motherboard, not lights, nothing). Pulled out the PSU and tested it and it works (hooked up fans to and it runs). So I figured I would order a new motherboard (the one that blew up smelled bad right around he VRM's but no sign's of burning or bulging capacitors, obviously the motherboard took a crap :rolleyes:). So I ordered the Asus crosshair V formula z. Hooked everything up with old power supply and old CPU, the motherboard boots with lights and fans spining  but will not post with error code FF (nothing specific about it in the manual). However the led on the motherboard indicates a cpu problem. So I didn't trust it, went and bought another PSU and same results. My question after this long winded speech is. When the asrock blew could it have taken the CPU with it? Oh, also tried different RAM in the new motherboard as well, same result.
  What could have caused this motherboard to fail? It's only 6 months old (I know anything can happen). It is supposed to be thier top of the line board for the FX furnace/power hungry waffer.
   I have just order the 8350 and hope it works with the new motherboard.

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Re: Can a blown motherboard also take out the cpu?
« Reply #1 on: January 23, 2014, 05:20:18 pm »
It is possible, if when the MB blew and it sent a surge of high voltage to the cpu then it would have fried it.

Also there is a trick, in order to get a beep error code from the MB both the MB and cpu have to be good.

So if you pull all the ram out and you dont get a beep error then you know one of them is bad, and since the MB is new then it would be the CPU is bad.