Author Topic: Control Panel & Program Installation Problems  (Read 6965 times)

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Control Panel & Program Installation Problems
« on: March 09, 2014, 03:39:44 pm »
Hi Shane,

I'm having 2 issues that I was hoping the all in one program might be able to fix with a few tweaks.
The first is my Control Panel has several links that stopped working; most importantly the uninstall program and firewall links.
The second is I am unable to install some programs. In the interest of keeping things simple we can use your 2 types of Windows all in one as an example. The regular program says it can't install an uninstall link the download fails. The portable version installs fine, runs and helped with a host of other issues. Please let me know what you need for info. I did not want to inundate you with useless data you don't need. If you can specify I will be happy to oblige. Thanks :cheesy:

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Re: Control Panel & Program Installation Problems
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2014, 05:05:05 pm »
Normally the only time I see the installer have problems is when the users antivirus is blocking it or getting int he way for some reason, or the file didnt download all the way from the site.

The installer is made with Setup Factory 9 and some Antiviruses will flag their uninstall.exe as a "GEN" or generic virus. Mainly because the uninstall has code in it to modify the registry and system. And so it gets flagged by some as a false positive. Sometimes it is their irsetup file that gets flagged as well. The amount of false positives out there lately has been insane.

Which on virus total both files show no false positives.

The portable version doesnt have the uninstaller.exe so you dont get the error with it :-)

As for the control panel there could be a number of reasons.

1. Windows allows you to block some control panel items from showing with a setting in the registry.
2. The control panel file for those might be missing or corrupted on the system.
3. The registy settings for Windows to know to show those control panel items could be missing or corrupt as well.