Author Topic: Repair AIO 2.70 Removes all but 1 "Hone Page" in IE Win 8.1 Core  (Read 5953 times)

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I am running Win 8.1 Core with all updates including Update 1.

I've been having some small, but irritating problems which I shall not go into here and thought that running your Windows Repair All in one version 2.7 might help. I chose all 41 repairs and it ran successfully. After reboot, I opened Internet Explorer expecting the 6 webpages I had previously set in Internet Options as "Home Page" to be available on their individual tabs. Only one was there, the one I had set to open first. Apparently, your Internet Explored repair had removed the other 5.

Thankfully, I was able to remember the URLs of each and manually reentered them into Internet Options.

Is the removal of all but "Home Page" a feature or a problem in your program?

By the way, I am not unhappy with your program and thank you very much for it, but if the above problem was caused by a feature or a bug, I would appreciate your help in fixing this problem.

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Re: Repair AIO 2.70 Removes all but 1 "Hone Page" in IE Win 8.1 Core
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2014, 03:21:35 pm »
I had updated the policy_cleanup.txt in the files folder with a bunch of new things I got from combofix that I was testing it out, I didnt realized I had it in the setup and I removed all those and reuploaded the setup file and portable on the website.

Check the size of policy_cleanup.txt if it is the correct one it should be 88 KB not 678KB or what ever the size was. If so just redownload the program to get the correct ones. And if you did a registry backup you can restore to undo what that file did as well :-)

I only had the first file online for an hour bfore I caught it, a lot of people grabbed it in that short time lol