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[Add-on] Windows Update Tweaks
« on: April 02, 2012, 08:10:00 AM »
Tweaks for Windows Update


Disable Windows Update Nag Popup:

By default Windows shows an reboot notification when new updates are installed and reboot is needed. This tweak allows you to kill the popup or to delay the reminder to show up only once a day.

Install Minor Updates Automatically
If you have Windows update configured to download updates automatically but not to install them, then by this tweak you can enable windows update to silently install minor updates.

Stop Windows Update from Hijacking the Shutdown Button

Use this tweak if you want to disable windows from using the shutdown or sleep button as "Install Updates and Shut Down".

Switch Windows Update On/Off

This is quick batch file to turn windows Update On/Off. This is for people who want to keep the windows update services disabled but still want to download/check updates occasionally.

If you have more tweaks to share, please post here.

Updated: compatibility for windows 8
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