Author Topic: how i fixed my Mushkin Venvura Pro (Phison chip)  (Read 4601 times)

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how i fixed my Mushkin Venvura Pro (Phison chip)
« on: September 16, 2014, 05:30:59 PM »
I almost had an $80 piece of plastic, I couldnt explore or format or anything.
I wasnt able to format or explore, when I was in linux I noticed the USB stick size was 0 and the name said Phison.

If you have a Phison chip like me this should be reflected here: String Manufacturer Name=TOSHIBA

I used Phison MPALL v3.63.00.. not the 3.63.0C or the 3.63.0c-DL17

Plug into a usb3.0 port.. this is critical. YOU MUST USE USB3

Copy the contents between the ===== to a new file named 2014_2251-03.ini

IC Type=PS2251-03
[Parameter Mark]
Parameter Type=F1_MP_21
[Customize Info]
USB VID=0x0930
USB PID=0x1400
String Product Name=USB DISK 3.0
String Manufacturer Name=TOSHIBA
Inquiry Version=PMAP
Reset Serial Number=0
Do Preformat Test=1
Volume Label=USB DISK
Burner Erase All=1
Wafer Erase All=1

Screenshot after the repair
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