Author Topic: A very useful link for modern computer guys  (Read 3393 times)

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A very useful link for modern computer guys
« on: December 27, 2014, 04:41:03 AM »
                        The internet browsing and downloading and uploading is very common. The media are google and other search engines, face book, twitter,drop box, google drive etc.. etc..
                        Though these utilities are mostly sought by the users in present days, here is a link, that describes the risk involved in using the same and also suggested other softwares. It is not to dis courage the users in general, i find it some what useful tips to how to use it with care. Normally secured data are being collected thro malware, adware and what not, proper use of these modern technologies, including skype seem to be essential. Instead of losing the data by using these technologies, it is important that the users should know, how it works, and what are the risks involved in those programs , To that end i find this site is informative. I give below the link for the users of this site.

                           Hope that some one find it as useful link, Thanks
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