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                  I wish to share the yesterday experience with our forum members .  I received a call from brother that his computer is affected and all the exes files have been shown as Blank files and whenever he clicks , he get error that Files of this type cannot be opened with any program on the computer error messages. So , he sought help.
                 I copied aswmbr, all in one, and some other tools in pendrive and went there to fix. When I insert the pendrive the exes from the pendrive also become not executable and the same error message. I  would have fixed it with All in one by Shane, had it allowed the exe.
                   Main accessories admin tools of winserver 2008 r2 have vanished from the system and it will not allow download from websites also. I found it that it is omiga browser hijacker that made his system so much infected that you could not do anything. SR is not possible as all exes are stopped running. I thought of changing the 1% fix, by going to the task bar , create new task and when I type exe and enter, the same message appeared.
                     I surfed in the net for a solution to fix this exe problem , as without it it will not be possible to execute anything. The system c: contained important data, as these data were allowed to be copied to only c:.
                       Then I saw a link in a site, which provided this link to fix important fixes for registry items. Like exe, and all the important fixes. I downloaded the exe and  executed it to make changes to the registry. Oh  God, All the exes now become workable.
                        Anyhow, I could then make the system and everything work. But, the windows components , contained in Accessories could not be found in the startup items. Those are , I presume have been removed by the hackers thro their Potentially Unwanted programme, called omega plus search engine, downloaded by the person from the suspicious site. It was worst even compared to Babylon tool bars. It removes window components.
                         As I could not restore those accessories  thro SR , the omega has destroyed all the system restore points, I had resorted to fresh install of winserver 2008 r2 from DVD to restore the system to work. Of course, I asked the staff to take the huge data copy in a pendrive.
                           The link from where I got the help is given here for the benefit of the forum members
                             I also request Shane to look in to the link .
                              As all the exes are becoming non executable  even from external drives, All in one could not be executed. Shane , may I request that you also have in your program to overlook any blocks that exes may face in kind of these browser hijack programs like omega, Babylon, incrediable tool bars.
                                 I want Shane to come with a solution to this kind of attack, that EXES of any program become not executable.
The link
The  fix may also apply to other OS also. Or it could be had from
Update: Shane, could you do something so that if suppose, tweaking.exe, the file extension if changed under rare circumstances like this,could also be made executable, so that if a computer is infected with exe not working, then tweaking.fix or some other extension would run and fix those problems automatically. All in one has all the things. And this fix by microsoft, if it could be added to your fix, would be a boon to computer technicians and general users
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