Author Topic: Enable Windows Defender on Windows 8, when enabling it leads to system32 fldr  (Read 7178 times)

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"To fix this error, first take control of
HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows Defender using the method described here ( Note that if you do not see the "owner" tab as mentioned, change the owner from "SYSTEM" to your user name.
After that, you ought to be able to edit the "DisableAntivirus" and "DisableAntiSpyware" keys to 0 and Windows defender will open normally.
I recommend changing the permissions on this key back to SYSTEM when done."


Hope this helps people who had problems enabling Windows Defender on Win 8, I know it helped me numerous times.

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I'm wondering if this fix could be automated and added to the Windows all in one fix?
Sometimes when you remove your AV/IS suite, Windows Defender is unable to be turned on through the traditional ways on Win 8/8.1.

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Right now the program puts back the defender service
windefend.reg in the files folder, but I dont have it touch the settings for windows defender (The permissions repair would fix any permissions removed on the registry keys)

I dont have it touch the settings because if the system has another AV installed then defender is normally turned off.

But if someone had it on and it was disabled and they couldnt change it, then the registry permissions repair would fix the permissions and then the user should be able to change the settings just fine. Of course I say should, doesnt mean it does, this is MS after all LOL


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