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Google and java
« on: April 21, 2015, 08:13:37 am »

 I had to uninstalled Chrome, in order to see if my latest problem with java were not related, just in case. I know it was a very long shot but hey!

I am currently running windows 8.1, 32 gig ram

This morning, i have just re-installed it with the latest version and when it ask me if i wanted to make google my default browser ...I Then, i click yes, then a second window open saying their is no app for this, choose one app in windows store??? GIF2

What is happening Shane?

Java, is still not running even tough i have installed both version 32 and 64 bits like you recommend  and enabled them in the browser!! GIF1
Now this?

I have no virus or malware according to Malawarebytes

I am puzzle

** All my latest problem seem to be related to Java,
*** If i go to sun java website and verify if java is running and enable the plugins remains grey saying it is not supported?!? :confused: :angry:
I have included 2 gifs, 1 for each problem mention.


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Re: Google and java
« Reply #1 on: April 21, 2015, 11:46:35 am »
Looks like chrome tried to launch something that would set itself as default, that windows normally has a default for. But in this case it looks like the extension doesnt have anything assigned to it, so Windows doesnt know what program to use with it.

Question is, what was the file extension?

Go to control panel and then default programs. Then go to associate a file type and there you will see how each file type can have a default program that is used with it. :wink: