Author Topic: svchost.exe Lookup Tool suggestion  (Read 2266 times)

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svchost.exe Lookup Tool suggestion
« on: July 28, 2015, 07:33:59 PM »
The first use of the svchost.exe Lookup Tool program and no doubt it's great program, but I noticed that only gives information about the svchost.exe services that use memory and not to check whether there is any malicious software services (malware process) so Iíll make a Wonderful suggestion اhere

1- should we have an new version
2- The program should be to analyze any svchost.exe Malware Services
3- If there is a corrupted Services/Damaged Services made by virus or Trojan then your program should handle rebuild of svchost.exe windows Services.
4- your program isnít auto scan for svchost.exe when I open the program so I had to click to refresh button to do a scan and Probably are a bug!
5- your program doesn't even show any Services errors it is keep seeing For each of the services. (State:          Running
Status:          OK) ? -( :smiley:)- this is a Probably are a bug!
6- The program must be re-designed from scratch!  :cheesy: :cheesy:
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