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2 Improvements needed
« on: May 31, 2016, 02:19:44 PM »
WR v3.91 still needs 2 improvements.
- The tray icon for the WR tray icon program still doesn't show up when I run the repair called "Repair Icons" and Explorer.exe is restarted. Does the tray icon program still ignore "Events" ?? I assume it does because other active tray icons do re-appear when Explorer.exe is "killed" and re-started.

- The repair called "Repair Internet Explorer" also needs to be improved. It still needs an extra Carriage Return/New Line character at the very end of the file called "ie.txt". Otherwise the repair will generate an error when run on a 32 bit system.

And I have a question: Is the cleaning/the location of the temporary internet files still "hardcoded" in the program code ? If so, then it won't clean those folders when the user has changed the name and/or location where those folders/files are stored.
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