Author Topic: WR Caused Serious Problems For Me  (Read 5967 times)

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WR Caused Serious Problems For Me
« on: July 12, 2016, 03:32:59 pm »
Was at a loose end so decided to run WR.

When I first opened it there was an error message at the top but as it was overlaid I was unable to read it.

Reinstalling the program got rid of the error message.

I used Option 5 to create a registry back up and ran the Pre-Scan, which found quite a large number of Reparse Points to repair and which it did.

Created another registry back up and ran the main repairs.

Watching them scroll through quite quickly I was able to glimpse a number of file not found or access denied.

After completion and the reboot, while everything appeared on the screen of my Toshiba Win 7 x64 HP laptop, nothing worked - everything was frozen and had to do a power shutdown.

This was the same after a few more reboots which included a cold boot.

I had to boot up into Safe Mode to open the program to use the registry restore before it would work normally again.

I had this same problem with 3.9.3

When I checked the logs, they were mainly repair error logs rather than repair logs.

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