Author Topic: Cat And Mum File Requests Shutdown, closed, is gone!  (Read 21116 times)

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Cat And Mum File Requests Shutdown, closed, is gone!
« on: November 07, 2016, 08:42:10 AM »
I now understand why Microsoft never made a tool to grab missing cat and mum files. These are only some of the files needed, others are manifest files and more.

Just grabbing these two file types alone has grown to over 4 million files in my collection and it grows every day. I dont even have all the files that there is and you can see how this grows to an insane number.

Not sure why MS did updates like this lol.

Point is there is only me and Julian who help people with the cat and mum files and we simply cant keep up with it.

I had a download tool planned but after seeing the number of files, plus not sure how MS would feel about it I never made the tool. You could imagine the load on the server for that.

So I am closing the forum section for requesting the cat and mum files.

There is another fix that I am working on. For missing or corrupt cat and mum files, by removing the registry keys for them windows updates re downloads them and doesn't error out. But if the registry keys are there windows updates fail.

So far every time I have removed the registry keys pointing to missing cat and mum files or removing the corrupt ones as well windows updates would work again and download what it needed. (You would think windows updates would do that already)

But the thing is with windows update, it hits any kind of error, no matter how small it will just bomb out and stop. There is no error handling, things have to be perfect for it to work.

So I will be testing and hopefully making a tool to auto remove the registry keys. But I need to test it a lot before I release something like that.


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