Author Topic: Radio Stations at your finger tips.. a reality  (Read 5175 times)

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Radio Stations at your finger tips.. a reality
« on: March 19, 2017, 08:37:30 PM »
Hi, I chanced to see this app , while i was searching for reliable radio app for my android and it is the best app, that i have ever seen. It is radio garden, app from playgoogle, a boon to users of android. Just click the application and it will sprout sound waves and then sprout the fm stations near your place. The radio stations are all shown in the webglobe, as green spots, and you could just click it to hear the programs live from the station you pick. You could thus rotate the whole globe and enjoy all the stations that are listed . May be some fm stations near you are missing , but without hooking head phones to mobile and annoying experience, you just click the station and there the music or dance or speech or whatever being broadcast in the station is live on your hand without any disturbance of sound, as practically all the filtered fm stations do broadcast.
                  i took the trouble of knowing something more and found that two leading app makers have done this wonderful thing by integrating webgl, webglobe , cesium widget, and java programs and android programs to achieve this.
                        I was particularly fed up with radio by samsung, that never picks signals nor performs better. Other apps , they pop up annoying ads and in app  purchase . No extra permissions that introde in to privacy.
                            I for one would loudly applaud the makers of virtual radio stations to be enjoyed by humanity.
                             I expect a word from Shane , Boggin and Samson and other moderators on this app.
                                I think it supports many of the smart mobile phones and i do not know the actual requirements. If your browser is up to date, then you could try.
                                On some of the phones, of older model, this props up error like error constructing cesium widget messages and if these bugs are cleared by the browsers for the supported webgl, cesium widget sites, then you stand a chance to hear the radio stations programs.
                                  The website if click, is known to be under preparation, but the app is ready to enjoy.
                                  The developers of this needs special appreciation, whoever done this wonderful app.
                                   Your mobile lists world radio stations and you hear those programs , which is not possible in any other way. The local fm tunes to the locality only.
                                     It is available for download for android at playstore google
The Bottom line is "Check your hardware first if it supports the task you try".

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Re: Radio Stations at your finger tips.. a reality
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2017, 02:59:59 AM »
I don't use an android or any other mobile devices, but thanks for sharing as I'm sure someone will find it useful.

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Re: Radio Stations at your finger tips.. a reality
« Reply #2 on: March 20, 2017, 06:25:05 AM »
Also available via the website  :cheesy: