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Free Antimalware Program And Excellent Free Download Website
« on: October 29, 2012, 08:17:56 PM »
Hi. Am brand new here but thought it could be useful to some readers to say there is a not very well known, but excellent free Antimalware "live" program called "Spyware Terminator".

It can be downloaded on the superb free download Website "Snapfiles":

i love Snapfiles, their programs are all clean, and the Website is beautifully designed and extremely fast and easy to navigate and download stuff on.

If you scroll down the page when looking at a program you will usually find a lot of extremely insightful and often very useful "User Reviews" of the program.

Another very good download Website (but not so attractively laid out!!!) is MajorGeeks.  MajorGeeks can take a bit of getting used to (the "User-Rating" system of each program can seem a bit oblique at first) but have obtained a lot of good programs there.

 If you would like to check out a mind bogglingly superb "System Cleanup" program then have a look at this:

Privazer is available in portable form also.  When using it take a very long look at the checklist of everything it can clean on your system: it is an idea to uncheck "Cookies" because all your Cookies will be obliterated if you don't!!!

Finally, a guy on another Tech Website pointed me to this awesome "System Analyses" program (called "SIW"):  have absolutely never seen anything like this, it will show you in massive detail everything about everything, both hardware and software, that is on/in your computer (is available in portable version too).

Hope some of this stuff could be useful to someone. :artist: