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Rabbit Trail POS
« on: November 16, 2019, 05:15:14 PM »
So I stumbled upon tweaking .com windows repair download Windows 7 last night and downloaded the file.  After the install, a window pops up and shows:
"Version 4.7.0 is available.
Always use the newest version to ensure the best repairs.

Would you like to go to the download page now?"

I clicked "Yes" and was taken to:

The first post on that page shows that there is indeed a newer version but it's not here, oh no, that would make too much sense wouldn't it?  I need to click on the following link:

And once again I discover that the newest update is not on that page either.   Well, why would it be??

But first I discover that this is not free HAHAHAHAHA ... good one... the jokes on me.... for sure. *SMH* I have enough experience that I should have seen that one coming a mile away.  Well, you may have snagged me but I didn't bite and I didn't give any money either.  If you want my money then tell me straight up - don't send me here, then send me there, then ....... thats for cowards.

Back to the V4.7.0 that is NOT LOCATED on the second redirect, it on another webpage, if a person wants to they can tap the "download" button and go to majorgeeks (something, something) who cares at this point.

I'm glad I have Revo Uninstall Pro and Malewarebytes so I can clean this POS out of my PC and disinfect it thoroughly.   :evil: :rolleyes: :sarcastic:

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Re: Rabbit Trail POS
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2019, 01:36:01 AM »
It is a free program and it will do the same repairs in the free version as it does using the Pro version.

The Pro version just gives you a few extra bits.

I use the Pro version so when I get the notification of an update and accept, I get the .exe download box.