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Problem in all versions post v 4.9 on W7

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Been meaning to advise/address this issue for some time. I noticed on v the program kept creating an error and dump file in ProgramData which is somewhat unusual in and of itself and generally suggests a global issue.
Anyway, through some investigating, I was able to see the error is aimed squarely at the W7 permission profile file (attached). In the later versions, it is unable to be decompressed, causing the error. It is also only 32 bytes in size, so basically nothing. Version and previous have the file size at around 7.17 KB or 8.00 KB on disk (larger for later O.S.'s of course). So, it seems there is something to decompress and therefore works without error.
I have checked the latest version via the portable program (I haven't found any difference between the installed and portable versions) and it too has the W7 profile file at only 32 bytes.
Please let me know what you think.

I'll pass this onto Shane.

Hi Tom,
Just wondering as to any feedback?
Also, I thought I'd put up some color preferences I use, in case anyone else might like them. There's not a lot to them or 'it', with some minor changes, but I like it.
Shane had written no Unicode, only ANSI, but I'm unsure if he was referring to the file names or the .ini. files themselves.
I just name them 'My Preferences' with a corresponding date. Obviously, anyone using them or variations thereof, can call them what they like.
Having a brighter white rather than the grey/white available would look better imo, but we use what we have.

I haven't had any feedback yet.

If Shane is satisfied with the way he has the program then he may just ignore your suggestions.

I could send him another email, but not sure if it would receive the same attention as my previous one.

OK. It wasn't meant as a suggestion however. More as a possible reason for the error/dump files being created on all versions after 4.9 as posted.
Given the profile file is so small in comparison to earlier versions (32 bytes vs. 7-8 KB) which don't have the same issue, is it not worth checking?
It would seem reasonable to assert many more people would be inclined to buy the paid versions if they were assured the programs were running without incident or otherwise advised of the programs' correct functionality.


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