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Creation of a WLANSVC repair tool based on some troubleshooting.

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Hello all! Here in my job all workstations are over a domain and the entire wireless structure is supported by a lot of HP/Aruba access points, all of them controlled by AirWave manager.
Then, the problem that is occurring with certain frequency is that some Windows's wlan autoconfig and related services are delaying too much to start, and this is preventing domain users to logon on the machines, because here there is no cache logon (disabled by gpo), so when Windows's wlan structure presents any missfunction, the connection appears partially made and keep in a "limited access" state until all Windows's wlan related services finish to start completely, so the workstation can be finally authenticated on the domain and users can make a successful logon.
So searching some forums i've found some troubleshooting that i still can't test, that involves file's proprietary and file's permission changes:

Many thanks in advance!

Some interesting articles.

I have a Win 7 laptop, although rarely used now that seems to take ages for the busy to complete to give me a full wireless icon on boot.

I don't have another Win 7 machine to copy files from but will look into the WLAN Autoconfig service, so thanks for those.

After many days looking for the source of my problem, i've finally found it! Someway that i can't understand yet, after disabling "virtual wifi filter driver" (under device manager -> show hidden devices -> non-plug and play drivers) and restarting Windows - or deactivating/reactivating the wireless card - the problem begins. I have disabled that virtual wifi driver as a troubleshooting that i saw on internet for other network problems that i've faced here (

Thanks for the link.

I wonder if that is what is causing the busy on my wireless icon on boot.

I'll check it out by disabling that driver.

Now, it seems sometimes I have to choose the less worse option between wireless limited access and wrong connection icon (obviously the second one). If I solve first issue, the second happens and vice-versa. Lol
I'm still trying to understand the entire context.


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