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Issue with windows 10 explorer


After my last effort to fix windows explorer, it got to the point I had to send my PC in for repairs and reinstall windows 10. However, I still seem to have a problem with windows explorer. If I open any file and then right-click, windows explorer freezes and I have to restart it.

I booted my PC in Safe Mode and windows explorer seems to work fine.

Can anyone suggest how I can find out what is causing this issue and rectify it?

Thank you,

As it works in Safe Mode then that would suggest it is because of something else installed on your computer and a method by which to find what it is, is to perform a clean boot as described in section 6 in this article -

Hi Boggin,
Thanks for your reply. I did a clean boot this morning, but the issue is still there. Very frustrating.


I've found that in a clean boot that an antivirus program will re-enable itself when you click on Apply.

Can you turn off your AV program to see if that makes a difference.


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