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UAC Bypass Google Update (Create Task issue)

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I need a tutorial. How to create a task.
UAC Bypass Google Update.
Because with UAC enabled, I always have this very familiar bug:
CODE ERROR 3: 0x80004002 - system level

Something like that:

wndows 7

Have you tried it in Safe Mode as it could be caused by something on your computer.

There are a list of suggestions in this article which may help -

A safe and reliable registry cleaner is the free version of CCleaner -

Disable UAC = Google Update Working
Enable UAC [Very High level] = 0x80004002 (Error 3)

Please do not confuse it with a normal error. 0x80004002

I have tested on multiple computers so this is not a problem with my computer! !

To solve this, known to many thousands of users, create a task. But how (Google Update)? What executable should I put as a shortcut?

Have you checked to see if a Google Updater is not already in Task Manager ?

From a Google this tends to get installed with Google - are you using Google Chrome ?

This error will appear on almost all "Chromo-like" built platforms
1. Ms Edge
2. Chrome
3. Brave
and many others

The error does not occur on Firefox, Opera (although sometimes the error will occur, but only temporarily)


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