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USB Access issues


Nate H:
Please forgive me, my technical expertise in these matters has no depth!? For a few months now, for reasons I cannot fathom, when I plug in either a USB flash pen or external hard the item will show as normal as being available for use. However, within a very short period of time I will get an 'Access Denied: You do not have permission to access this drive.'  message!? :shocked:  Friends have previously directed me to CMD prompt entries, and even with some of these I am told I do not have permission, even though I am the main Administrative Account on my own laptop, with no other users. My questions are, as this is only a fairly recent issue, and I always had normal 'access' to any drive I might plug into my machine, is this software able to restore that permission and access back please? And if so, do I require the free or Pro option to attain this?? Thank you for kindly taking the time to read my problem.

You get the same repairs with free or Pro version of Windows Repair.

I recently had an occasion to reset the Permissions on this machine and it worked fine after.

I only ran the Permission repairs.

If you wish to create a restore point first, then do that manually before booting to Safe Mode.

You cannot create restore points in Safe Mode and WR doesn't physically create a restore point even though it reports it has.

Shane is currently working on this.

Nate H:
Thank you so much Tom, I really appreciate the reply


You're welcome :)

Did resetting the Permissions resolve ?


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