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- Suggestion for a new version of Cleanmem (the PcWinTech forum has disappeared):

- Create a shortcut to "Mini-monitor" on the desktop when the program is installed. That will make things easier for all users. Today I had someone complaining about not seeing a shortcut on the desktop after installation. And I think he/she was right.
- A good opportunity to implement all other suggestion I made here on this forum in the past.

When you install Windows Repair you auto get the Cleanmem icon in the taskbar.

I downloaded Cleanmem 2.50 today to see if I could address a member's problem but I didn't get a desktop icon either even though it was supposed to create one.

I'll pass this on to see if anything can be done about it but as PcWinTech is now no more, then the demand may not be sufficient for it to be modified/repaired.

- The website PcWinTech still exists. I assume you downloaded the program from MajorGeeks ? A link lower on the PcWinTech webpage downloads the program directly from the PcWinTech website.
- The user can define in which folder the shortcut is placed but the installer doesn't accept some characters like :
- The program should simply create a shortcut on the (active) desktop.

- As stated above, this is a good opportunity to issue a new version of the program.

- Another observation: there is a difference in size for the program between the download from the PcWinTech website and the Major Geeks website.


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