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need to learn more about windows 8


Hi Shane
I know it could be a layman que for you, even though I'm gonna ask it:-
where I can find free windows 8 training videos for free/online? :rolleyes: Could you guys suggest me some resources? :undecided:

When you Google win 8/8.1 tutorials you will see a number of links.

Speaking of Windows 8, is official support for it going to be there for a while? I've got a couple computers running Win 8 and 8.1 at work and I'm starting to worry, especially since even Win10 isn't the newest thing out there.

Win 8.1 reached its mainstream support on Jan 9 2018 and will end its extended support on Jan 10 2023.

You can still upgrade your Win 8 machines to Win 8.1 as Win 8 is no longer supported -

Win 10's extended support will end Oct 2025 so that still has some life in it.


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