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Thank you...
« on: December 20, 2011, 08:52:48 PM »
I say Thank you for making this so easy to use and understandable. The Windows repair just never worked for me,So had to reformat when it got bad. Which is bad cuz DLoaded game serial numbers,everthing is gone. I did this program and couldn't believe it fixed it. I have some problems with HACKERS and they wont let up. So I try'd to use you tool and its telling me need to load XP PRO disc,Which it is. I cleaned it with soap and water,It had finger prints on it. Just asking if this has come up before. I loaned it years ago before I realized how people can be. It came back and looked like they slid around on the floor with it. I took it to stereo shop and they polished it back to looking new. Its worked since but I might have to have it done again if this is the problem. I will keep trying and Thank you for this tool!!!

                Thank you, galaxie4942

                           Update...I just noticed in forum same issue so I will be searching there also. I bought the disc XP PRO when I bought a computer. This was in 2002 so all SP's came out later,I will make SP disc like you told other person to make disc with SP's. 

                    Thank you,
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