Author Topic: Stream media files like flv how to copy to a pendrive if the file size is more  (Read 3776 times)

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                With the permission of the owner of this site, i wish to share this tips for others

                 I tried to copy a flv files more than 4 gb to a pendrive, which is having more than 8 g.b. But there was an error that disk is full. Please remove one or more files. I tried to copy again and again, but could not.I could not format the pendrive also , as i presumed there is a conflict of file system type of both the media. Computer having ntfs and pendrive having fat 32 system. I formatted the drive with this syntax at the cmd prompt.format J: /FS:FAT32 /X where j denotes your pen drive. I formatted it but could still not copy it. But this time i received an error message that "confirm stream loss" and the loss could be the summery information etc. I clicked yes but again no solution.
                    Then on surfing the net, i found this solution.
                     Go to device manger, by right clicking My computer and then select device manager. In the disk drive menu select the pen drive and then click properties. Then go to policies tab and select optimum performance tab and click ok , to enable to computer to show the two types of fat32 and ntfs system in the format menu. Otherwise, the default format menu will onlyl show fat32 system alone. (This was my experience)
                      Then again go to MY Computer and then double click. Select the Pendrive , right click and then select format and then select ntfs in the format file system tab and then click format. Your problem is solved. And now you could copy the flv files of size bigger than 4 g.b to it. Beware to copy the pen drive files to a separate folder before formatting

                        Thanks to the forum for permitting me to give this tip, and thanks to mr. shane,
The Bottom line is "Check your hardware first if it supports the task you try".