- Hardware Identify v1.1.0 Released
Posted on: 04/05/2014 02:23 AM - Hardware Identify v1.1.0 Released

Complete redesign of the device database. The program was using a normal text file and would loop through to find your device. While this worked fast it would take around 5 to 10 secs to search for your hardware. As the device database grows that would become slower and slower. I have redone the database into a proper database file and set it up in a way to make sure nothing is duplicated to help keep size down. While the new database does make for about a 15% larger file it now gives me the proper method to do searches in the database. Now pulling up your hardware from the database is nearly instant :-D

Changed the device lookup window to automatically move all devices that match with the longest id at the top of the list. The longer the ID the better chance it is the right device.

Because of the larger database size I have changed the downloaded database file from a zip to a 7-zip file since I can get a much better compression. As an example the current database compressed into a zip file is 2.72 MB while compressed into a 7-zip file it is only 1.36 MB. The smaller the file the faster the download when updating the database in the program.

Multiple code changes and improvements.

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